MotoGP Luigi: the Boss of Ducati Corse on the challenges of the new season

MotoGP по Луиджи: Босс Ducati Corse - о главных вызовах нового сезона

Luigi Dal&8242;Inya said this of the presentation of the Ducati much, especially after the presentation. He believes that the new technical regulations MotoGP appeared, again, thanks to his efforts. Rather, it was created under pressure from Japanese rivals to offset the technological advantages of Italians, but now there was a balance and everyone benefits.

RACING.RU, 21 January 2019 In 2019 will come into effect two main new item MotoGP rules regulating the use and development of aerodynamic devices as well as limiting the use of high-technology ECU and IMU.

“I would say that both the new rule will have a significant impact on our work. From the point of view of aerodynamics, the regulations of 2019 is definitely tougher. First, banned the modular design of aerodynamic fairings, prescribed precise number of elements, sizes and shapes. So we are limited in further development, and our opponents will quickly catch up with us in the framework of these rules. Second, under the new aerodynamic regulations had to be created and a new bodykit, and I expect that its performance will be lower than in 2018. On the other hand, after two years of changes, we finally came to a common denominator. From the point of view of cost reduction, it is well,” said Dahl&8242;Inya.

The transition from the original factory units engine control (ECU) on a single control system with a control FOR the production of Dorna Sports in any way affected the performance of the Ducati in 2016-17. In Borgo Panigale first took steps to minimize losses: when it became known details of the new rules and model of the ECU, Ducati just bought Magneti Marelli of two developers involved in the design and development of these blocks and their management.

As for the inertial platform (IMU), here the situation is always taxiing the Japanese, particularly Honda Racing Corporation. So in 2019 for Ducati comes even a little relief.

Also Luigi Dal&8242;Inya mentioned that gp19 is out of the engine managed to squeeze out some more horses. Information on last year’s Desmosedici already give up to 275-280 HP, so, now this figure is closer to 300 HP But the same capacity is reached and Honda. And this fact makes the Ducati to work now even more carefully: “We have developed a lot of interesting know-how over the past few years, and now they need to bring to perfection – continues Dahl&8242;Inya. – We should better work out the details so as not to miss anything, because it now affects the victory. Many new items have been approved on the tests in Jerez, most of which were implemented in the prototypes obtained by our pilots in Valencia we have a lot of feedback. In Qatar, before the start of the season we are trying out a new design of the fairings and put it all together”.