MotoGP: Marc Marquez and the reasons why he will not leave Repsol Honda until the end of his career

MotoGP: Марк Маркес и причины, по которым он не покинет Repsol Honda до конца карьеры

In Madrid, a large media center Repsol solemnly, 25 times in a row, introduced the factory Honda team in MotoGP: Repsol Honda – is as much a legend as the brand itself. The presentation was attended by two other great pilot HRC, called the legends many years ago.

RACING.RU, 23 January 2019 – Part of Mick Dwayne and Alex, Krivie in this presentation was a landmark event. Alex is clearly a labor of tears in his old jumpsuit, but the 5-time world champion from Australia often wears his championship colors and the second skin pakistanies together with its owner, so Miku is always comfortable.

Dwayne became the first champion Repsol Honda, began to take the titles back in 1994, when the team was not named and appeared in other colors, but then, he appeared in an orange and white jumpsuit – and more of it never got out. Dwayne became a 5-time MotoGP champion, as until recently, the most successful pilot Honda in the championship. Only Marc Marquez was able to catch his titles in the Royal class. But Dwayne default legend.

Krive, is another matter, because he has only one title in the Royal class. So why is his name in the list of Legends of MotoGP? Just because he is the first ever champion of the Royal class comes from Spain!

Here Marc Marquez… what he El Fenomeno doesn’t make him a Legend. Yet. But it is worth it to take at least one title… well, mark explained why he has no plans to leave Repsol Honda in the next few years, and ideally, even before the end of his career in MotoGP.

For Marquez resolusie color is a kind of fetish. All his life he dreamed of joining this team. He was born in 1993, so when I first went to your motocross minibike, Dwayne was already a multiple world champion. Marquez started his career in Repsol colors, and with the direct sponsorship of the oil brand, and continues with them.

“When I was a boy, watched the race with Mick on TV, and he was my idol – said Marc Marquez. I grew up with these colors, for me it was always an honor to represent Repsol. These colors sunk into my soul, and I always wanted to imitate the hero of the Grand Prix. It’s a miracle that Repsol I managed to get as their first big sponsor in the Spanish championship in the 125 CC class In the world championship this collaboration just continued as we have worked hand in hand for many years. When I joined the team, we just continued the work started many years ago – this incredible success story. And today I can hardly imagine that the cooperation with the Repsol Honda lasts for 25 years. 25 years! The rest of my life. I think it’s destiny”.

Before Marc Marquez came to MotoGP, man, without which Repsol in MotoGP had not seen his mission, was Dani Pedrosa. For the first time in 13 years, the presentation of the factory Honda team was without a Little of the Samurai – now he is a man of KTM, and retired. Interestingly, Dani wasn’t even invited guest for this presentation is: out of sight, out of mind? But with the arrival of Mark, everything changed.

“If I ever said I’m standing next to Mick Duane and Alex on the same stage and present Repsol Honda, you would not believe. But since today I was presented with this honor, I must note that this is a special treat. Of course, I already knew in 2011 that await me in the factory Honda team. I could come earlier. But I wanted to join the Royal class champion. Just as I learned from Nakamoto-San, what are waiting for me in Repsol, I realized that it is impossible to join the game halfway. Therefore, we together with my Manager and decided that we will achieve victory in Moto2 from the beginning.”

The last 2-3 years Marcus is often asked whether he plans to change the team and the plant. Why? – mark asks in response.

Joining the Repsol Honda Jorge Lorenzo – a new challenge that will increase motivation of the Brand and make it grow. And this is one of the good reasons to stay and continue working, without changing anything.

“Last year, journalists especially have often been asked what plant I want to continue in MotoGP on what team I’m planning to change my Repsol. My answer has always been simple: why change something? I work in the team of your dreams. I have a great relationship with Honda, we are always on the same wavelength. Cooperation Repsol and Honda brings incredible results. We are pursuing the same goals, want to win the world Cup. The goal is the same every year. I would love to have won as many titles as you can. And if so, would finish his career with Repsol Honda. And why change something?”

Marc Marquez will definitely become a Legend of MotoGP, but at such an early age Dorna simply does not dare to such high-profile announcement. As in the case of Dani Pedrosa, the new honors are reserved for Brand reaches age 30, unless he does decide to continue the chase “as many years as I can,” as Valentino Rossi.

17 Feb Marc Marquez will be 26 years. He’s at the peak of his career, and maybe still on the rise. Now a lot depends on his rivals. After complete a career and 30. Or before, as did Stoner.

MotoGP: Марк Маркес и причины, по которым он не покинет Repsol Honda до конца карьеры