MotoGP: Petronas Yamaha SRT could become the team’s Dani Pedrosa and Jorge Lorenzo

MotoGP: О том, как Petronas Yamaha SRT могла стать командой Дани Педросы и Хорхе Лоренцо

Many interesting mysteries from the MotoGP paddock began to open up after the New year. So, boss Racing Team Sepang and Sepang International Circuit Razlan Razali admitted that until recently, hoping to Dani Pedrosa in his new team in the Royal class.

RACING.RU, 23 January 2019 – As it turned out, almost immediately after Dani Pedrosa learned that his place at Repsol Honda for 2019 will go to Jorge Lorenzo, he rushed into the arms of competitors to Yamaha. Knowing that the paddock is preparing to implement a plan to create new satellites with sponsorship from Petronas, Dani hoped to cling to this straw.

Remember how Pedrosa has already scheduled a press conference before the Grand Prix of Catalunya, to announce his resignation, then changed his mind? He apologized to the large audience of journalists, having told that has not all been resolved, and he needs time to settle which-what moments.

It was moments of negotiations with Yamaha! But to talk about it he just could not under the threat of execution on the spot or something in the same spirit. At the last moment, Pedrosa decided to hang the helmet on the rack. Although Petronas Yamaha its really waited, and Yamaha Factory Racing promised Pedrosa prototype in the original specification, such as Russia and Viñales (this machine, in the end, got Morbidelli).

Razlan Razali confirmed that: “Negotiations with Pedrosa was the truth. We are very, very close to signing a contract. He talked directly to Yamaha, and Yamaha assured him that will provide all the necessary support, if he still dare. In the end, we sat down with him and Carmelo with Espeletia [boss Dorna Sports] and it again said”.

All this happened in Mugello. Pedrosa then took a break and canceled his famous farewell conference in Barcelona. And yet his ordeal was not the limit – after all, he is already blown.

“When a driver is on a psychological level, not ready to continue racing at such a high level, we hardly can help you, – said Razali. When he really decided to stay, first of all, he called me and thanked for this new opportunity and apologized for not able to grasp it. And he apologized that he could not answer immediately. I respect him and his decision. He behaved very professionally in all respects.”

Before to communicate with Pedrosa, Razali had a conversation with Jorge Lorenzo. Pedrosa and Lorenzo were both on the short list SRT and claimed a seat in sattelite Yamaha. However, at the moment when Mr. Razali met with Lorenzo, that there was no clear answer from Ducati, but it was an offer from Honda. And Sepang Racing Team was not yet 100% certainty that the project will take place and Jorge ensure a place at the start in 2019. In General, Lorenzo showed no interest. But he decided to leave the SRT to an alternate airport, if not burn out dealing with Ducati and Honda.

Team Petronas Yamaha Sepang Racing Team was officially presented at the British Grand Prix in late August at the Silverstone Circuit, and in the framework of the weekend of the Grand Prix of Malaysia issued a symbolic tripartite contract between SRT, Petronas and Yamaha Factory Racing. In sattelit entered Franco Morbidelli and rookie MotoGP Fabio Quartararo.

MotoGP: О том, как Petronas Yamaha SRT могла стать командой Дани Педросы и Хорхе Лоренцо

MotoGP: О том, как Petronas Yamaha SRT могла стать командой Дани Педросы и Хорхе Лоренцо

MotoGP: О том, как Petronas Yamaha SRT могла стать командой Дани Педросы и Хорхе Лоренцо