Motorcycle Hades from Curtiss and one legendary designer

Мотоцикл Hades от Curtiss и одного легендарного дизайнера

A well-known company Curtiss Motorcycles today introduced the latest addition to its steadily growing lineup of electric motorcycles.

This creation called Hades created by Curtiss, in collaboration with the legendary designer JT Nesbitt. As told the head of Curtiss Matt chambers (Matt Chambers), Nesbitt joined the design team of the company about a year ago and finally drew up and gave a stunning example of a two-wheeled minimalism. Created in his Studio in New Orleans (USA).

Best known for its breakthrough Confederate Wraith, as well as second generation Confederate Hellcat motorcycle, Nesbitt invests in projects it creates a certain set of pure emotions. Yes, and the new car, Hades, clearly we can say that it is a creation that is Nesbitt.

“We worked with great respect to the materials used. Our goal was to create the least wasteful, most cost-effective car. And this applies not only to the behavior of the motorcycle, but also to the process of its creation. Most of the parts of this device serve more than one purpose. We, like miles Davis tried to play as little notes to Express emotion. This is minimalist”, – describes his work Nesbitt.

Bike power Hades – 217 HP Maximum torque – 199 Nm. Curtiss suppose to put the bike into production in 2020. The cost of the machine will be about $ 75,000.

Curtiss Motorcycle Company based in USA in Leeds, Alabama. Recently, the company announced fundraising of users using WeFund crowdfunding service. The minimum contribution is $ 1,000. For this support receives 5,000 shares of the company (at $ 0.2 per piece). The maximum – not limited. It is known that at the moment has already invested 180 volunteers in the amount of 360 000 dollars..

Recall, mark Curtiss Motorcycles were the result of degeneration of a company of Confederate Motorcycles in 2017. New brand was named in honor of Aviator Glenn Curtis, also a former motorcycle racer and manufacturer of bikes. Now Curtiss relies on the production of electric motorcycles, in cooperation with the American leader in this field, the company Zero.