Motorcycles Honda Gold Wing acquired Android Auto

Мотоциклы Honda Gold Wing обзавелись Android Auto

Apple CarPlay is a very convenient system, which in turn gives owners of compatible vehicles a wide variety of amenities. And as you may know, a major Japanese automaker, Honda, is in fact the first company to have added to your motorcycle’s full support for the above system. And in General it is really very useful and the right decision, which everybody loves.

However, as you might understand from the title of this system, Apple CarPlay is able to work properly only with the iPhone, which in turn was at the time, namely in the year 2017, a good reason for mass disturbances on the part of the owners of smartphones based on Android operating system. But now, thankfully, this injustice was in the past, as the automotive giant has officially announced that all Gold Wing motorcycles, which were produced starting in 2018, will now have the full support and Android Auto.

But before motorcycles will receive this update for all owners of motorcycles will have to wait, as the release update scheduled for the middle of next month. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to believe that with the advent of the Gold Wing Android Auto, bikes will get some exclusive features. They simply get everything is already known and familiar access to Android Auto, and more than enough. Now the owners of smartphones from Apple will not be able to easily construct the route through Google Maps, or stream music through YouTube, while “leaving the smartphone in a safe place.”

Anyway, this is extremely significant move, because Google is really going to spread its own system to the greatest possible number of vehicles, and it is very good. For example, the company recently reached an agreement with major giants like Harley-Davidson and BMW. All of their vehicle too soon mandatory will work with Android Auto. So I hope that Google in addition to wider dissemination of their product will also decide to add new features and capabilities that can be useful on the road.