Motorcyclists are asked to do the layout not so slippery

Мотоциклисты просят делать разметку не такой скользкой

Representatives of the community, “Matamoska” once again appealed to traffic police to reconsider the composition of the road marking. The fact that today it is too slippery, especially during rain or after the passage of trucks. In the end, hit a line of smooth plastic with glass beads leads to loss of control of the motorcycle. This is stated in the public “Motovsky” in the social network Vkontakte.

A specific hazard to two-wheeled road users is the so-called “waffle” layout, which is currently being actively applied to the intersections. According to the head of the Union of Andrey Ivanov, in conjunction with pedestrian crossings “waffle” is a real obstacle, especially for inexperienced drivers.

As noted by the activists of the Association travelling on crashes involving motorcyclists, “with the participation of” markup occurs up to a quarter of all accidents with two-wheeled. The height of the lines above the asphalt sometimes reaches a couple of inches. What can we say about bikers, if even for motorists such markings can be a “pleasant” surprise!

With the “Motovsky”, agrees the head of the Guild of driving schools of Moscow Sergey Lobarev. In the press-centre GU of the Ministry of interior reported that the motorcyclists will receive a response to your request within the statutory timeframe.

Recall, activists of Association was not the first to draw attention to the safety of drivers of two-wheeled transport. In particular, three years ago they have achieved the mandatory installation of road signs before the removed asphalt.