Motorcyclists want to get out of “twilight”

Мотоциклистов хотят вывести из «сумрака»

What measures on struggle against infringers proposed in the state Duma.

The lives of motorcyclists can be seriously complicated by the state Duma deputies propose to punish them for their dangerous maneuvering and movement between the rows of machines. Penalties from 3 to 15 thousand rubles. in addition, the rider may be debarred for a period of two to six months. The authors of the bill believe that such measures will protect all road users. Normal width lanes in cities a little less than 3 m does not allow to accommodate both four – and two-wheeled transport.

But in fact, the situation is reversed. It is the movement between the rows ensures the safety of motorcyclists, explains the coordinator of the community “Matamoska” Dmitry Shchegolev:

“The initiator of this bill is necessary to visit such countries as Italy, Thailand, Spain, because there is a very strong movement of two-wheelers. Emergency situations there is significantly less than on public roads in the Russian Federation. This is due to traffic and driving culture.

The motorcycle the safest place to move to 5?10 km/h faster than the flow – a European practice.

If you come to Italy, Spain, there is for motorcycles separately, even the advanced stop line. They are called moto-stop, that is, it is at traffic lights and motorbikes are in front of cars. Two-wheeled vehicle safer to be in sight of the driver of the four-wheeled vehicle, that is, between vehicles. Otherwise, if the motorcyclist will be in the stream, it will not be visible, the machine may crash.

Is it possible to find a compromise solution? President of public organization “Movement without danger” Natalia agre believes that it is only necessary to allow the motorcyclists to move on dedicated lanes for public transport: “This compromise should be first and foremost from the point of view of what the drivers of two-wheeled transport still needs to realize the risks to which they at the moment are moving between the rows. You need to understand that the situation develops today so that motorists too often get distracted by different phones, devices and navigators. And every time the driver looks away from driving a vehicle the car starts to wobble. Accordingly, at this time, if the rider is moving in the aisle, and the car swerved, it will carry anyway. Probably one of enough correct decisions – it’s all the same to consider the possibility of movement on dedicated lanes, because to go between the rows is indeed very dangerous. And each time the rider moves in this way, he exposes himself to very great risk.”

Now the movement of riders between the rows of traffic regulations is not prohibited. The traffic police has repeatedly explained that only needs to be observed safe distance. It is noteworthy that three years ago the government tried to regulate this issue and allow the motorcyclists to move between rows. But the traffic police replied that it is impractical, because the penalties for such driving are not discharged.

The government