Motorola confirmed the development of a flexible smartphone “frog”

Motorola подтвердила разработку гибкого смартфона "жабки"

Representatives of the company Motorola has repeatedly hinted at the return of the iconic RAZR phone V3. However, the product will come to market in the form of a smartphone with a flexible display. Now that the information has reached the stage of rumors, Motorola officially confirmed the development of a smartphone.

Vice President, global products Dan Deri during the interview, Engadget has shared details of future trends.

“We started to work on the more complicated devices a long time ago. We had a lot of ready – made options,” – said the representative of Samsung.

Motorola подтвердила разработку гибкого смартфона "жабки"

Patents flexible smartphone Motorola

Features new products from Motorola. Dan Dery also noted that the use of a single display in X Huawei Mate is the right decision, but because of the fragility of this screen, Motorola decided to abandon the idea and go the other way.

We tested POLED device with a plastic film on top. When you touch this display with your ngernails, it is scratched. The screen first a short life cycle; it begins to die the day you unpack it. But it is beautiful. On the first day it is beautiful
– said the Vice-President of Motorola.

He also hinted that Motorola is not going to put the display out. All this once again hints at the fact that the complex structure of the company to be “the frog” RAZR V3, as repeatedly described in the patents.

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Deri said that they are exploring the possibility of issuing the device with two hinges and one screen that is folded in half, leaving in phone mode only one-third. Several Chinese manufacturers are also actively exploring this concept. But the Vice President assured that due to technical constraints we should not expect such a decision in their first folding gadget.

Date of the announcement. During the conversation, Dan Dery confirmed the future release, but no specific dates were not mentioned. He only said that the company is not going to release the device later than everyone else in the market. Usually new products represent Motorola in the summer for a special event, so the announcement of a foldable smartphone is worth to wait there.

Note, it should then appear in the Samsung Galaxy and Huawei Mate Fold X.


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