Motukarara Michelin

Мотокамера Michelin

Most consumers of the products of the French company Michelin, involuntarily there are associations with its logo. The logo itself represents the man who is dubbed the “Bibendum”, and it consists of collected a pile of tires. This brand is one of the most recognizable in the world, which is not surprising, as from the date of its registration, it’s been more than half a century. This brand is a Prime example of how you have built the family business. Before you can create motomeru, the founders had to go through many stages, including the manufacture of rubber playing balls, various sanitary products and even raincoats.

General information about motocare

After the introduction of tubeless tire production, the camera in many cases have ceased to apply and use the same demand. But still, in many cases, the use of tires equipped with cameras, rather than tubeless counterparts. Camera fitted with a valve that has a cap or so-called cap with key. They are made of rubber, has good elasticity and capable of retaining compressed pressure air. General view of the cameras is a tube, which is made of rubber. The hollow tube has a closed ring shape and to the camera starts to perform its function, it remains only to pump air to create the set pressure.

Rubber for motochaser

Modern motomeru made with the use of rubber, based on a synthetic rubber. It is divided into rubbers of General and special purpose. In turn there are many types of General purpose rubbers. As for the rubber special purpose, for the manufacture of cameras used butyl rubber. This type of rubber characterized by high impermeability for gases and water. Given that this material has mechanical strength, it becomes clear why it such a manufacturer chose to produce motochaser Michelin.

The preconditions for camera replacement

As the cameras are installed inside the tyre, then their lifespan can be quite long. The lid protects the camera, with the result that it does not require special repairs or any other maintenance. But from the natural deterioration still can not escape, however, as punctures, especially considering the condition of roads in our country. After puncture, the camera should be removed from the tires, or repaired with glue and the corresponding patches, or replaced. For replacement you should choose only the cameras that correspond to the size of the rims.