Mountains to Ada, the executioner of the peoples in Moscow detained activists at the tomb of Stalin: video

Горы в аду, палач народов, - в Москве задержали активистов у могилы Сталина: видео

In Moscow detained activists of the project “Decommunization” Eugene Suchkov and Olga Savchenko. They threw in a bust of Stalin to stud, but his gesture was accompanied by the words “burn in hell, the executioner of the people, a murderer of women and children.”

The protest was stopped by officers of the Federal security service of the Russian Federation with the words “fuck off, you ugly ***,” writes the Present Time.

The police drew up reports on the protesters and took the passport. Later, the police wrote each of the activists fined 500 rubles and let go.

One of the activists of the volunteer. Eugene Suchkov helps victims of political repression. He believes that the idealization and realization of the totalitarian regime of the USSR gives rise to indifference to evil and sympathy for totalitarian slavery.

What can you say about Stalin, briefly and succinctly? It is the executioner, a tyrant and a criminal. Is the organizer of a totalitarian repressive system that massively destroy people

– said Evgeny.

The protesters added that they only used their rights and said what I think about Stalin.

Watch the video as detained activists in Moscow at the grave of Stalin:

Who is Joseph Stalin?

Real name Ioseb Dzhugashvili. Soviet dictator of Georgian origin, state, political and military leader of the USSR. Stalin is responsible for artificially organized in 1032-33 years of the Holodomor, recognized in Ukraine and some other countries as genocide of the Ukrainian people.

The defenders of the “memorial” society, which for nearly 30 years engaged in the collection of historical data and memories of repression in the Stalin era directly affected not less than 12,5 million inhabitants of the USSR.

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Горы в аду, палач народов, - в Москве задержали активистов у могилы Сталина: видео