Mourinho, ten Gag or Pocettino who will head “Bavaria”

Моуринью, тен Гаг или Почеттино: кто возглавит "Баварию"

3rd Nov “Bavaria” remained without the head coach. Coaching Champions Germany left specialist Croatian Niko Kovac.

Why Kovac left Bayern?

Prerequisites for the resignation of the 48-year-old specialist were many and stretched they are still in 2018. The Croat got a second chance after he won the Bundesliga and German Cup. In the summer transfer window, Kovach received the necessary reinforcement in the faces of Lucas hernández, Philippe Coutinho, Benjamin Pavara and Ivan Perisic.

The start of the season Wu Kovacs has not worked: the defeat in the German super Cup from Borussia Dortmund draw 2:2 in first match of Bundesliga against “Hertha”. Then Bayern had some good fights, but the engine of the German machine “calmed down” and let not be fooled by the win 2:7 against Tottenham.

For 10 rounds of the Bundesliga Bayern only won 5 matches with 2 defeats and three draws. As a result, 4th place in the standings.

In the Champions League, things got much better (3 wins in 3 games), but the group of Germans is very weak (except for “spurs” in it “Olympiakos” and “Crvena Zvezda”). Question out of the group Bayern decided.

The problem is Bayern’s last games is the large number of goals conceded. Eight consecutive matches , Bayern can’t keep his goal intact (17 goals conceded)!

The question of the resignation Kovacs was sharp on October 29. In the 1/16 finals of the German Cup, Bayern was almost disgraced in the match against “Bochum”. The way to the next round “Bavaria” has provided goals in the last 10 minutes of the game, what the holders are lost in 83 minutes. “Bochum”, by the way, the penultimate team of the second League of Germany.

The last straw was a major defeat of Eintracht Frankfurt in the Bundesliga, with the score 5:1. So, Bayern played 80 minutes in ten. And this fight only helped to happen what all went long ago.

Who will head “Bavaria”?

To answer this question, you should know what the specialist needs of the “Bavaria” and what are the requirements of the club. “Bavaria” – this is Dynamo Kyiv in Ukraine. For the club there is only victory and no more result neither fans nor the media do not perceive. If Dynamo are a strong competitor Shakhtar at Bayern his in the championship just yet.

At this point Bayern have a difficult situation that stretches after work PEP Guardiola. The Catalan led the Munich side to the maximum level, after which the club is extremely difficult to stay on the level. Carlo Ancelotti refused to make changes in the team. And he only worked one full season.

First, Bayern need a coach with a philosophy that will build the strategy of the club. At the moment, Bayern does not know what kind of football is played. As it turned out, Kovac has no philosophy, which is owned by Jurgen Klopp or PEP Guardiola.

Secondly, Bayern need a German coach who will be free to communicate with management and players. Voice contact is very important in Munich, so each player must speak German.

Third, the “Bavaria” it is necessary to decide what a coach looks for: a) temporary specialist, doigrali season with the team without significant losses; b) a permanent coach.

Ralph Rangnick to find most of the short-list of the German media. Bayern seems to be in the fall of 2018 would like to invite Ralph is Kovacs. At this point Rangnick favorite on the coaching chair. He’s a tactical genius, and without a job after a career in “Leipzig”.

Rangnick is an experienced German specialist and will not be able to deny Bayern. However, Ralph is a temporary coach who will work until the winter, maximum summer 2020.

There are still three trainers who are now without work: Arsene Wenger, Jose Mourinho and Massimiliano Allegri. The advantage of Wenger – like knowledge of German, but his minus – age. Against the candidacy Mourinho the head of the Board of “Bavaria” Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. Although Mourinho is a coach with a philosophy. It never worked in Germany and it would be interesting to see Jose after a rest from football…

Massimiliano Allegri’s another tactical genius, but he does not know the German language. After Carlo Ancelotti to Bayern skeptical about the invitation of Italian specialists. Allegri is the most exotic scenario.

In the long run, Bayern could invite the coach of Tottenham, Mauricio Pochettino. The Argentinian proved that he can build a team with limited resources. It is this specialist need Bayern for the long term. But Pocettino unlikely to leave spurs before the winter, summer or…

A contender for the coaching chair “red” is the head coach of “Ajax” Eric ten Gag. The Dutchman worked in structure “Bavaria”, when it was headed by Guardiola. A fan is Rummenigge.

Hardly ten Gag will head “Bavaria” already, since he’s under contract with Ajax. At the same time the Amsterdam club do not hide that is ready to release Eric this summer.

Ten Gag can be a risky decision for Bayern as an invitation Kovacs. At this point, the 49-year-old, roughly speaking, has proved nothing as a coach…