Movie and gender equality

Кино и гендерное равенство

Irina Aleksandrova
and AFP, RWS

On the red carpet at the Venice film festival Australian Jennifer Kent, whose directorial debut in full metre took place in 2014 with the movie “the Babadook”. In Italy Kent presented the new picture “the Nightingale”.

The plot of the film brings the viewer to the beginning of the 19th century. Claire, a young Irish woman, pursues a British officer in the Tasmanian wilderness, obsessed with revenge for the violence that he perpetrated on her family. The Kent described his film as a story about the futility of revenge.

Kent is the only female Director, who participated in the main competition Mostly. Informed about the lack of women Directors at the festival said the Chairman of the jury of the Venice film festival, Guillermo del Toro. And that’s what Kent said:

“Of course, we must also uphold gender equality. This is without a doubt. But I think each person needs to be a balance of female and male energy. And Directors who tell wonderful stories of women Directors-men is commendable. I don’t think it belittles the man. All of us inside need to find that balance”.

75 th Venice international festival will conclude on Saturday 8 September.

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