Movie premieres of the week: “Terminator: Fatum” and “Fatherless Brooklyn”

Кинопремьеры недели: "Терминатор: Фатум" и "Сирота Бруклин"

Thursday, October 31, the Ukrainian rolling out six films, among which everyone will find something to taste. So, this week in theaters new part of the legendary “Terminator”, drama “Orphan of the Brooklyn” horror “Ghost witch” anime “Child of weather”, Thriller, “playing with fire” and the Comedy “Horrible Director, or school №5”.

“Terminator: Fatum”

Director: Tim Miller

Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mackenzie Davis, Linda Hamilton, Diego Boneta, Brett Azar, Natalie Reis, Steven Cree, Gabriel Luna

The events of the film continue the storyline of the film “Terminator 2: judgment day”: the main action takes place 27 years later – in 2022. The film has a new network of Artificial Intelligence – “Legion”, which sends from the future a new model of Terminator made of liquid metal with the ability to split into two full-fledged combat units. The purpose of the “new” Terminator becomes the character not appearing in the previous films – the girl name is Dani (Danielle) Ramos. To protect Dani Resistance of the future sends a woman named grace, the perfect soldier, a man modified into a cyborg. Danny and grace joined Sarah Connor and “old” Terminator T-800.

“Orphan Of Brooklyn”

Director: Edward Norton

Starring: Edward Norton, Bruce Willis, Gugu mbat the row, Leslie Mann, Willem Dafoe, Ethan Suply, Alec Baldwin, Michael K. Williams

Four orphans are blindly loyal to their patron, the crook-detective Frank Minna, pull them from the shelter. The guys are ready to perform any task Frank. One of the characters – who suffers from Tourette’s Lionel Essrog, who will become a real detective investigating a murder case of mine.

“Spirit witch”

Director: Jordan Barker

Starring: Hannah Kasulka, Alexander De Jordy, Craig Arnold, Corbin Bleu, Sasha Clements, James Gilbert

The group of friends of seven people have been planning to go to the recreation center to hang out well there. They have a car, the route, everything seems to be fine. Jill, diligent student, a freshman, threw my training for this trip for snowboarding. When the company drove some of the route, they learned that the further road is blocked. On the map there is only one bypass path… of Course, the hook will be big, and this way somehow blocked by chains, but it’s better than nothing. On this journey with them began to happen something strange, they begin to believe that they go round and round, and in the end, their jeep had an accident. Then some friends and realized that of the forest they have no way out… Surrounded them, hovering spirits, who painfully remind of witches.

“Child of weather”

Director: Makoto Xingkai

16-year-old Hodak of Morishima still in high school, but decided to move from her native island in the crowded metropolis of Tokyo. He’s all alone in this huge city and, of course, almost immediately he has almost no money left. Just at that time, Hodak, was in Tokyo the city for a long time was enveloped in rain clouds, pouring without stopping. Dating a guy with a mysterious girl named Hina Amano will change a lot in the Outlook of the white walkers. It can disperse the clouds and stop the rain.

“Playing with fire”

Director: Mike Gan

Starring: sukie Waterhouse, Harry sham ml., Shiloh Fernandez

The story will unfold around workers filling Melinda, who suffers from loneliness and jealous of his more successful colleague Sheila. When a petty criminal Billy breaks into the gas station hoping to steal some cash, Melinda sees this as the perfect chance to get rid of hateful co-worker.

“Nightmare Director, or school №5”

Director: Mila Pogrebinskaya

Starring: Dasha Astafieva, Sergei Frolov, Victoria Levchenko, Fedor Gurines, Oksana Stashenko, Kamil Larin

Leonid Jumpers works as a Deputy chief of a colony of a strict mode. But one day, fate must have decided to laugh in his face. His beloved wife left Leonid and robots generally dismissed. But there is one chance to return to a native place – only need a few months to be a Director in his hometown. Gave him, of course, one of the most troubled schools, which could only be.

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