Movies Apple TV+ cinema, a price reduction on Pixel 3 and the preparation for the closing Shot: TOP news stories of the day

Фильмы Apple TV+ в кинотеатрах, снижение цены на Pixel 3 и подготовка к закрытию Rozetka: ТОП новостей дня

Every day the world around us evolves faster and faster. And it is not always possible to keep track of what is happening nearby. Not to mention foreign news from the world of technology.

Every day in the news flashes a lot of interesting and by the end of the day they accumulate a decent amount. That is why the Informant has prepared the TOP Tech news from the world of technology.

In Windows 10 you can now respond to notifications from your smartphone

Last year, Microsoft introduced the application Your Phone, which gives easy access from a computer with Windows 10 on smartphone or tablet. It is reported Twitter Aarthi Hatter. The company continues to improve Your Phone and now has introduced a new useful feature – the ability to respond to notifications that got a smartphone, right from your computer through the app Your Phone.

Previously, users could only see and delete the alert. While the new feature is available only to participants in the testing program of Windows Insiders. Also with the help of Your Phone you can quickly send files, view photos, watch battery level of your smartphone and even call.

Google has reduced the price of Pixel 3

October 15, Google will hold a presentation Made by Google 2019, which will debut a new Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. And while the manufacturer offers a last year’s flagship Pixel 3 with a very good discount. The company store 3 Pixel Google Store you can buy for $300 cheaper. Previously $799, now $499.

It appears the manufacturer is selling off the remnants of the old models to bring in the new warehouse. By the way, Google had previously reduced the price of Pixel 3. In early June, threw off $200, and in early August made the offer of $300. The store stated that the special price will be valid until November 23, but it is possible that after the presentation of the fourth generation of the Pixel 3 will be even cheaper.

Rozetka may close due to new law

The owner of online supermarket Rozetka, Vladislav Chechetkin said that it would curtail business if the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky will sign a law requiring businesses to use cash registers. He said this on his page in Facebook.

“Next week the President can sign bills 1053-1 and 1073, which were adopted by the Verkhovna Rada, ostensibly to bring the business out of the shadows and create a healthy competition and in fact – to deal with business. I am sure that laws like this will kill tens of thousands of businessmen”, – writes Chechetkin. According to him, will now decide the IRS, right or wrong, the cheque was received by the buyer. According to the bill No. 1073 any consumer can claim the tax on the “wrong” receipt. If it is proven “wrong”, the client will receive the goods purchased by check, for free, that will result in a loss for the seller in the amount of 250%. Chechetkin also noted that the number of complaints is not restricted, therefore in this question there is no liability neither for the buyer nor for the tax, which can make decisions on the checks as you see fit.

The businessman stressed that the majority of entrepreneurs is silent, because she thinks their changes will not be affected. “We Rozetka categorically do not support this law. I publicly spoke out,” – says Chechetkin.

Apple will show movies for Apple TV+ in theaters

Apple is going to show your films made for Apple TV+, on large screens. About it reports the WSJ. Now Apple is in talks with movie theater chains and experts from the entertainment industry. The company plans to launch the movies before they come out Apple TV+.

Recall that the main competitor Netflix have a little different policy. The company also gives their movies, but at the same time with access to your service. But do chains typically insist that the tape was not shown within three months after the premiere.

The company does not achieve additional income from showing films in cinemas. Thus, the company wants to promote its brand and expects to attract to the creation of original content known Directors and producers. One of the first films Apple TV+ will be the ribbon “On the Rocks” by Sofia Coppola with bill Murray and Rashidah Jones in the lead roles.

U.S. authorities accused the Match in the imposition of paid services

The Federal trade Commission filed a lawsuit against the company Match Group, which owns a number of Dating services, including Tinder. U.S. regulator accuses the company in the urge of hundreds of thousands of users to buy a paid subscription using fake accounts. In addition, the Match Group was accused of false promises and intentional complication of the procedure, disable a paid subscription.

In the lawsuit the FTC sent to the district court of Dallas, notes that from 2013 to 2018 at least 25-30% of the accounts on was either fake or created for the purpose of fraud. And ordinary people mostly did not know about it. The process of inducing the purchase of subscriptions as follows. Free users receive a notification that someone is interested with them in communication. The text of the message to activate the paid subscription. At this point comes the advertisement, incentive to pay for a subscription

Itself Match Group does not agree with the FTC’s claims and has called them “outrageous.” The company noted that remove 96% of fakes in the first days after their registration. However, the stock market greeted the claim by the FTC negative – Match Group shares fell 8.5%.

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