Moving in the right direction: the United States celebrated a stunning success Zelensky

Движется в правильном направлении: в США отметили сногсшибательный успех Зеленского

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky received another slap from the administration trump last week, when Secretary of state Mike Pompeo canceled his planned visit to Kyiv, but despite this largely succeeded.

This is stated in the article in the Wasington Post. It is noted that despite the fact that Pompeo had a good reason – escalation of the crisis in Iran – Zelensky still had every reason to feel insulted.

“Cruel behavior on the part of Washington, which began with his inauguration in may last year, continues unabated even after U.S. President Donald trump demanded to investigate the intervention of Ukraine in the elections of 2020,” – says the author.

However, the article emphasizes the fact that the administration Zelensky did achieve some success.

“Despite all the accusations from the White House and the fact that he (Zelensky. – Ed.) came to power as an absolute political neophyte to one of the most problematic countries of Europe, the administration Zelensky, which still was quite extraordinary, and acted under the pressure of all the situations miraculously achieves success”, – emphasizes the publication.

The author noted that Ukraine’s economy is growing rapidly: export and domestic rate increases, the inflation rate fell and wages grew by almost 10% per year. As noted by James Brooke from Ukraine Business News, Ukraine’s currency, the hryvnia, is growing faster than any other in the world.

Also, there is the fact that the IMF has given prior consent to the new credit package, which can stimulate foreign investment. Key anti-corruption measures were supported by the Parliament is expected to adopt major economic reforms, given the privatization of the 500 public companies and the liberalization of land sales.

“Last week, the Ukrainian television has filled the news with a tearful reunion when the Ukrainian prisoners of war being held in Russia for several years, returned home. The troops on both sides of the front lines moved back. Meanwhile, Russia agreed to pay Ukraine $ 7 billion. United States within the next five years for the transit of gas and 2.9 billion dollars. The United States for the settlement of previous disputes”, lists the author of the material.

The publication also recalls that before you take a position, 41-year-old Zelensky was a Comedy actor, and all his previous experience was the fact that he played the role of President on TV. “However, for the first time since 2005, the majority of Ukrainians believe that the country is moving in the right direction, than to think that is wrong. In a state where political corruption is catastrophic, 62% say they trust the new President”, – said in the article.

According to the author, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, but not the trump to have noticed it. “He already agreed with Vladimir Zelensky carry the two the exchange of prisoners and discussed third during the Christmas phone call. He took the gas agreement, abandoning the previous attempts to strangle Ukraine winter termination of gas supplies”, he explains.

According to an expert on Ukraine at the Atlantic Council Anders Aslund, Putin is quite happy to deal with Zelensky.

“Putin’s desire to subordinate Ukraine is not reduced. However, despite the lack of experience, Zelensky proved that they do not become easy prey to the Kremlin. At the summit in Paris last month, where was Putin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President of France Emmanuel macron, convened to discuss the implementation of the peace plan for Eastern Ukraine, has long stalled, Zelensky “tried to defend certain red lines for Ukraine,” such as the restoration of Ukrainian control over the border with Russia” – leads the publication the words of analyst Vladimir sokora.

“For those who are worried about corruption, the only question remaining is relatively Zelensky – whether it is independent from Igor Kolomoisky, the oligarch, who supported television career Zelensky and his candidacy in the presidential election, and who is trying to regain control of the largest Bank in Ukraine, despite allegations of his theft. No consensus yet. But so far, says David Kramer, an expert on Ukraine at the International University of Florida, Zelensky, “it seems that Kolomoisky is kept at a distance,” the article reads.

The author emphasizes, for decades American administrations succeeded each other, tried to persuade the Ukrainian President to act in that way, but mostly without much success. But now, in his opinion, when Zelensky does almost all what once could only dream of the Department of State, there is a vacuum of American presence in Kiev.

“Temporary Ambassador William Taylor, has left his post last week after reading about the pressure on trump Zelensky, and while there is no candidate to replace him. Also there is no replacement for Kurt Volker, the special representative for Ukraine, who resigned and gave a statement. Now Pompeo canceled two visits within two months”, – specifies the edition.

According to the author, the most influential American who deals with Ukraine, is a personal lawyer of trump, Rudolph Giuliani, who has worked in Ukraine with opponents Zelensky and Pro-Putin forces, in particular the most corrupt in the country oligarchs and politicians. It is noted that he is still trying to collect dirt on Joe Biden, and the trump trades in Russian propaganda about the alleged intervention of Ukraine in the 2016 elections.

“Meanwhile, Zelensky, who wants to make a visit to the White house is still awaiting its date. It’s hard not to conclude that the trump is not happy with the fact that Ukraine finally appeared competent President”, – summarized in the article.