Moving up: the General said about the threat to Zelensky

Переезд АП: генерал рассказал об угрозе для Зеленского

Moving the administration of President Vladimir Zelensky from Bankova street in Sokolniki exhibition and Convention centre “Park” creates serious risks for the security of the President.

This broadcast ObozTV said the former head of the state security Department, Colonel-General Valery geletey. According to him, the building of the presidential Administration on security measures can match any building in Kiev.

The General said, “the Park” there are difficulties with the protection of the head of the Ukrainian state, as well as foreign presidents, Prime Ministers and speakers of parliaments, who come to Ukraine. Geletey noted that a serious threat to buildings can become weapons, “which you can carry on the shoulder.”

“There are certain systems that can be put on the shoulder… After one shot of pandania will crumble. In the context of Russia’s aggression, it’s dangerous,” he stressed.

The General also noted that the building on Bankova equipped with everything necessary for work AP: “Communication with the Ukrainian authorities, regional administrations, communication with the world, secure communications, certain Protocol procedural things that happen in the room, the meetings of the national security Council, the impossibility of removing information from the offices and many such factors, which are needed by the state in terms of aggression or hybrid war.”

This geleta stressed that if Zelensky officially decide to move, “no one will discuss it, and all will provide maximum security measures in the new building.”

Congress-exhibition centre “the Park” opened in 2012. The fugitive President Viktor Yanukovych had planned to use a platform on the roof of the building to take a helicopter from his residence in Mezhyhiria.

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