MP Balicki is preparing for its district two clones from the Servants of the people?

Нардеп Балицикий готовит для своего округа двух клонов от Слуги народа?

In Melitopol double want to slip not only the leader of the race, the candidate in people’s deputies Sergey Minko, trying to register from the 80th district, his full namesake with the same surname, name and patronymic. Edition of RIA-Melitopol became known that clones are eating now popular among voters of political power, the Servant of the people. There is information that these black pyrotechnology has the respect of the staff of MP Yevhen Balytsky.

The acting people’s Deputy of Ukraine Yevhen Balitsky, who has 20 years in power, is trying to “squeeze” in the new composition of the Verkhovna Rada. Acting on the principle “all means are good”, he, through his staff officers tries to register to the CEC two more clones – this time against the Servants of the people. Two register for the safety net – in case, if suddenly someone one CEC refuses to register.

The new two clones, though not will have the same last name as the candidate of the Servants of the people, but in the Bulletin as a place of work doubles will be written “head of projects public organization “public Servant”. And place them in the ballot before candidate of the Servants of the people. This is done in order to confuse the supporters of public Servants.

One clone Servants of the people – 31-year-old resident of Melitopol, a system administrator of a city staff of the “opposition bloc” (formerly the during a mayor Sergei Walter, he worked as a system administrator in the Executive Committee). He also manages the group of the party Opposition bloc in Facebook.

Another clone of the Servants of the people – 32-year-old resident of Brovary, Kyiv region.

By the way, similar technology runs in Krivoy Rog in the County of Alexander Vilkul its PR. Evgeny balitskii was, recall, a confidant of the administration when he was President. Vilkul election, as you know, lost.

For Vladimir Zelensky in the Melitopol district, during the presidential elections in the second round voted almost 89 percent of voters. Sociology taken in spring, shows a high level of trust to the party of the President “servant of the people”. Today we know that on the majority district No. 80 of this politely running for Parliament resident of Zaporozhye, lawyer Dmitry Smooth. Balitsky understands that an aspiring politician can compete with him, so tries to “eliminate”. Journalists Rukh Chesney clearly described the essence of this black pyrotechnology:

Candidates whose biographies and the newsletter will be the phrase “servant of the people” probably have a purpose to delay the vote, the representative of the party “servant of the people”. Voters who support the party, looking at the front facing the Bulletin of the candidates next to which is also written, “the servant of the people”, may mistakenly vote for the representative of public organization”.

The Coordinator “Zee! Team” Alexander Kornienko notes that similar technology with the use of clones “public Servants” staff found at least 10 districts.

The editorial Board will continue to monitor the progress of heating up every day of the war for the mandate of a Deputy.

Нардеп Балицикий готовит для своего округа двух клонов от Слуги народа?

Нардеп Балицикий готовит для своего округа двух клонов от Слуги народа?