MP Boiko: Ukraine left 70 thousand doctors, their need to return

Нардеп Бойко: Из Украины уехало 70 тыс. врачей, их необходимо вернуть

It is urgent to raise the salaries of physicians, otherwise there will be nobody to treat people, says independent MP Yuriy Boyko.

Over the past three years, from the Ukraine left about 70 thousand doctors. This was in the village Chernecha Sloboda (Sumy region) was declared by the extra fractional people’s Deputy, the founder of “the Opposition platform For life” Yuri Boiko, the press service of political power.

“At the end of last year the average salary was $ 10.5 thousand hryvnia, and doctors received less than 7 thousand, Although this amount must be at least 12 thousand For the last three years about 70 thousand doctors left the country. At the moment not enough-thirds of medical personnel, especially in rural areas. Soon no one will treat people!” he said.

Boiko also said that in 2018, the authorities sent for medicine “only half of the minimum required sum of money which recommends that the world health organization”. “After the change of government we will ensure adequate funding of medicine,” he said.

According to him, another serious problem is the situation with medications. “The cost of drugs is left to chance: their price rises, because the health Ministry has not stopped speculation in the market. The purchase of medicines for the allocated budget money is the corruption scheme. Medicines and vaccines are either not purchased at all, or come into the country late in the year and a half”, he concluded.