MP Dubinsky called the reasons that stalled the project primaries

Нардеп Дубинский назвал причины, по которым затормозился проект праймериз

According to the MP, not all potential candidates in mayors of Kiev are ready to debate.

There are several reasons why the project primaries among the candidates for mayors from party “servant of the people” has stalled.

Such opinion on air of channel “112 Ukraine” was expressed by MP Oleksandr Dubinsky.

“Let’s face it: today, not all candidates are ready to debate. All have declared their willingness to participate in the primaries, but no one is this subject not negotiate. All waiting and hope that someone in the President’s Office pointing finger, in the end, will determine the candidate and it will be possible to avoid complicated procedures of competition”, – explained the MP.

He also said that he had offered to potential candidates in mayors of Kiev Andrey and Irina Palchevskogo Vereschuk to debate and discuss urban issues, but a final response has not been received.

In addition, according to the MP, most of the problems in Ukraine are due to the lack of competition.

“People choose not the best offer, and the offer that they impose. Either through TV, or just uncontested will say: “Vote for this candidate”. And this is a key issue – lack of choice breeds an unwillingness to go on elections and, as a consequence, the lack of results after the elections”, – said Dubinsky.

He stressed that today is the last word in the selection of the candidate in mayors of Kiev over the President.

“I hope his decision will be based on the analysis of the program, study the ratings, and not on the basis of personal preference”.

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