MP Dubinsky has accused AMCU of “sink” case against tobacco companies “Tedis”

Нардеп Дубинский обвинил АМКУ в "сливе" дела против табачной компании "Тедис"

Tobacco company “Tedis” was founded in the days of Yanukovych, the people’s Deputy reminded.

MP from the faction “servant of the people” Alexander Dubinsky believes that the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine “merges” the case against tobacco companies “Tedis Ukraine”, which was fined 6.5 billion for the creation of a monopoly in the market.

This he said before the court hearing on the case on July 23, which was moved to the end of July, reports TSN.

“6.5 billion – a huge penalty for abuse of a monopoly position in the tobacco market. And anti-monopoly Committee, who has the decision and he has the court decision on the seizure of the accounts of the company “Tedis”, is not this decision to the Executive service and does not comply with this decision. That is, the arrest was effected, and the Antimonopoly Committee does everything that this detention was not imposed. What’s more is now we will be at the Appeal meeting and the appeal lawyers AMC didn’t want her to visit. They are here only because we are together with you here. In the first place. Second, the appeal is assigned for 4 days after filing an appeal – and, as you know, mail only goes 5 days. And the lawyers AMC already know what the appeal is. That is, they told someone about it. Or this agreement, if this agreement is – we will see now the “drain” of 6.5 billion, which was supposed to go to the Ukrainian budget. It is a disgrace that we should stop,” – said the MP.

Dubinsky has also suggested that this is because so-called “shadow” owners of the tobacco company “Tedis Ukraine” are now the representatives of the new government, as otherwise the desire of the AMC not to win the case impossible to explain.

“After 2014, Kaufman and Granovsky (Odessa businessmen – Ed.) left, and so-called “shadow” the owners of this business became the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko and the head of the presidential Administration Poroshenko Mr Lozhkin, who controlled the Corporation. Now Kaufman and Granovsky remain, and someone probably another involved in the new government may already be behind them, because such a speed in the appointment of judicial proceedings, is the desire of the Antimonopoly Committee not to win this case and not to prosecute the trading house “Tedis” to explain in no other way”, – said the Deputy.

He also notes that the company “Tedis” is a structure, which was founded in the days of Yanukovych and existed precisely in order to profit from the tobacco business was not settled on the tobacco corporations had to pay taxes, and the tobacco industry sold with a minimum mark their cigarette trading house, whose shareholders at the time, was Kaufman, Granovsky is the Odessa businessmen. As well as Junior partners of Yanukovych and Russian military businessmen.

We will remind, today, on July 23, North commercial court of appeals rescheduled the hearing on the tobacco business on July 29, due to the fact that the appeal of the “Tedis” United in one manufacture with the complaint of the AMC.

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