MP Mace said that political forces in Ukraine want to “tear the country”

Нардеп Палица заявил, что политические силы Украины хотят "разодрать страну"

At the same time the club said they voted for Zelensky, because I wanted to Poroshenko left.

MP from the party “For the future” Ihor Palytsia expressed the opinion that the political forces of Ukraine “break the people in pieces” and made a prediction of the results.

He stated this in a live political talk show “Right to Vlad,” 1+1.

“I voted for Zelensky, because I wanted to go Petro Poroshenko… Stopped talking, what Church to go and which way not to go, what language to speak and what to not talk. We have the only state language. And what is happening today that someone submitted to Parliament… so He thinks it’s his right. He MP – Buzhansky. Thinks he’s right or not will be decided by the Verkhovna Rada”, -. said Mace.

He accused the party of “European solidarity” that they organized a rally in support of the Ukrainian language in the Parliament.

“It is because of this political force knows that will never have its representatives will not become presidents. The second political force, which takes the voice “Servant”, said that without the Crimea we will not be able to elect their President. And they want to divide, to tear the country and become warlords, each on its territory,” he added.

“I have great respect for your constituents. And I hope that despite the fact that you are now ideologically opponent of “European solidarity,” you respect our voters and can’t talk about what kind of people would come to support something that hurts them, and their ideology is paid for. I would recommend these things not to talk,” responded to the people’s Deputy Irina Gerashchenko.

Igor Mace explained that he was referring to the organization of transport and “collection of people”.

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