MP Sergei Minko said in Melitopol and area of medicine reform will be

Нардеп Сергей Минько рассказал, как в Мелитополе и районе медицину реформировать будут

Today, medical reform, which began Suprun, does not criticize except that lazy. However, changes in medicine have not only disadvantages but also advantages. Melitopol Deputy Sergey Minko told how he intends to employ the best specialists of Melitopol hospital and what will that reform benefited the people of the region.

– My attitude to health reform is ambiguous. On the one hand, the reform allows to significantly increase the salaries of family doctors. Each signed by a doctor Declaration is a Supplement to his wage. On the other hand, is the destruction of rural medicine, with which I strongly disagree. So my job as MP is to attract investments for development of rural clinics, to be done on the basis of Melitopol of the modern hospital district, which will be treated as residents of the city and district. At my initiative we are now negotiating to the best doctors and medical staff of the Melitopol Central hospital became part of the district hospital, – said Sergey Minko.

Recall that in 2019 with the assistance of the people’s Deputy Sergei Minko in three villages in the Melitopol district: Fruity, Voznesenka and Novobohdanivka was the reconstruction of the outpatient clinics family. The villagers have the opportunity to receive medical care in a comfortable environment.