MP Tishchenko blew up a Network of incendiary twerk. VIDEO

Нардеп Тищенко взорвал Сеть зажигательным тверком. ВИДЕО

The Ukrainians in the net joke about fiery twerking, which was performed by the people’s Deputy of Ukraine from “Servants of the people” Nikolay Tishchenko.

“Nikolay Tishchenko recorded a new pre-election video,” writes the user Alex Drone.

“Remember, in the 16th year of the Italian model has promised to give everyone who will vote against the referendum. So, Tishchenko, as if hinting about the same thing, only from the other side. Just shy to speak openly. And the song was supposed to be – “Nicholas will give” “, – says the volunteer Roman Donik.

Remember the recent scandal among the servants with “ship pine” and “Baba, Yes.”

“After the video Tishchenko, I realized that the “ship pine” has no gender”, “nick Tishchenko is our Kim Kardashian”, “First Tishchenko shakes in front of the cameras cutlets, then lemons, now rolls. Dolby*b a” – write to the network.