MPs argue about the need to address the market of drug delivery

Депутаты утверждают о необходимости урегулирования рынка доставки лекарств

The MPs, together with representatives of pharmaceutical associations and experts discussed the draft law №3615-1 “On medicines”, which should settle the question nekontroliruem delivery of drugs that are now osushestvlyaetsya in view of the Decision of Cabinet of Ministers No. 220.

Discussion took place on 21 June.

Because of the action of the Resolution KMU No. 220, couriers and postal operators that are not licensed have started to deliver medicine without observing the necessary conditions. According to this, patients who bought drugs over the Internet, unable to counterfeit or not quality products.

However, online aggregators that sell drugs polzuyutsya gaps in the legislation and deliver receptor drugs, which must realizovyvat exclusively by prescription.

During the discussion, people’s Deputy of Ukraine, Chairman of the Subcommittee on pharmacy and pharmaceutical activity of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on issues of health, health care and medical insurance Sergey Kuzmin said that the State service of medicinal products must have a mechanism of quality control of drug delivery and this should be spelled out in the bill. However, you need to provide for administrative and criminal liability for delivering substandard drugs, or order without maintaining the conditions of transportation.

His colleague in Parliament, the Chairman of the Subcommittee on prevention and fight against cancer Valerii Zub said that the draft law No. 3615-1 “On medicines” has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of European directives, which provide for appropriate conditions of transport and storage. He added that to develop the online trade of medicines costs, but it should be clearly and thoroughly managed in order to avoid fakes.

Mariya Mezentseva, MP during a speech he supported them, saying that the issue is very important and the bill must settle all questions. However, he added that the people’s representatives are open and hear the representatives of associations and ready to make necessary changes to the second reading.

Vladimir Rudenko, Director of GS “professional pharmacy Association of Ukraine (APAU)” during a speech said that it is important that EU standards, which are set out in the directives have been introduced into the bill, because our country is moving to Europe, so it makes sense that rules and drug delivery were appropriate. He added that interested in it in the first place, patients.

Roman Isayenko, head of the State service of Ukraine on medicines and drug control reported that a significant portion of patients complain of poor quality drugs, particularly for drugs that are delivered via the Internet. Accordingly, this issue is an important aspect of population health.

The Chairman of the Board TOS “professional pharmacy Association of Ukraine (APAU)” Igor Chervonenko said that the Government Resolution No. 220 was adopted during a pandemic, and then it was appropriate, now that the transport works, postal operators are just making money, the gaps in the legislative field and deliver drugs without considering temperature and other standards of certification.

The event took place in the mode of discussion, but all speakers agreed that the bill is very necessary and in the interest, first and foremost, patients themselves. The people’s Deputy Sergey Kuzmin said that this bill could be passed in a meeting room at the second reading in September this year.

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