MRI proved that smartphones are changing children’s brains

МРТ доказало: смартфоны меняют мозг детей

Scientists have conducted extensive research using MRI machines and found that the nature of the white matter of the brain of preschool children who spend a lot of time for gadgets to change.

A study by American scientists confirmed that prolonged use of gadgets changes children’s brains.

The study involved 47 children aged three to five years. Such a sample is not representative of the behavioral psychology, but a significant like MRI scans.

The essence of the research

First, parents were asked about how much time their children spend on gadgets which applications are used the most and is there with them at this time adults.

Answers structured in a rating of the compliance with the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

After that all the children had brain scans MRI and a series of cognitive tests.

МРТ доказало: смартфоны меняют мозг детей

The researchers conducted brain scans of children

Have children who spend more time in front of the screen, it has a different structure of the brain – below “the integrity of white matter”,
– say the authors of the study.

White matter can be understood as the internal communication network of the brain.

Study author John Hutton explained that this structure of nerve fibers associated with poorer language development and reading skills.

White matter – what is it?

It is part of the Central nervous system, consisting of pathways (nerve fibers). White opposed to gray matter. The white color is due to myelin sheath of nerve fibers, which conduct nerve impulses.

White matter forms the pathways connecting parts of the brain with each other and with the spinal cord.

МРТ доказало: смартфоны меняют мозг детей

How much time you can spend with the children with gadgets

Scientists note that to calculate the “safe age” or “safe time” with the gadgets is not easy.

In particular, they say up to three years, children should not play with smartphones, tablets and other popular gadgets.

Otherwise, as early as kindergarten, the child will have a distorted perception of reality and strong binding to the virtual world.

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