MSI introduces the new computer case

MSI представляет новые компьютерные корпуса

MSI gaming brand in the world, is proud to introduce a new line of products: originally designed computer case MPG GUNGNIR and MAG VAMPIRIC.

Creating housing 100 MPG GUNGNIR, the designers were inspired by Nordic mythology. Gungnir – the legendary spear, which belonged to Norse God Odin. This model is a model of understated industrial design, in her appearance no unnecessary frills. Side panel made of tempered tinted glass thickness of 4 mm, opens a view of the internal components operated fan with addressable full color backlight. Inside is also a hub for eight other devices with addressable lighting which opens up endless possibilities for personalizing the appearance of your computer using app MSI Mystic Light. Also supported the installation of seven system fans and accessories, printed on 3D-printer.

The concept of the MAG housing VAMPIRIC 010 inspired by the legend about the king of vampires Dracula. Made in black and grey tones, this model is full of mysticism medieval castles. On the front panel, like the aristocratic coat of arms shines the Mystic Light illumination image of the two blades. Light grey side panel of tempered glass thickness 4 mm, fan with addressable led, dust filter with magnetic fastening on the top panel and the ability to install up to six system fans – MAG housing VAMPIRIC 010 tempts its technical perfection.

Features new buildings

– Mount for 3D accessories on the top and bottom of the chassis you can install plates with logos, printed on a 3D printer. The light penetrating through a plate, will be reflected on the floor or another surface, creating a unique visual effect.

Hub for addressable lights package housing 100 MPG Gungnir comes with a hub that allows you to connect devices with addressable led and control it via the motherboard and the application MSI Mystic Light.

– Sync backlight Housing 100 MPG GUNGNIR and MAG VAMPIRIC 010 perfectly with motherboards and peripheral devices that support backlight MSI Mystic Light. Using the same application, the user can synchronize the visual effects between the case, motherboard and accessories.

– Transparent side panel: Side panel is made of light grey tempered glass, 4 mm thick, will provide excellent views of internal components with a bright light.

Thought about the cooling: the case has seats for up to seven system fans and radiators of the water cooling system (360 mm on the top bar and 420 mm from the front panel). Good ventilation is the key to a stable computer!

Magnetic filter: the Dust filter on the top panel features a magnetic mount that allows you to easily remove it for cleaning.