Much Microsoft will restrict Windows 10X at launch

Microsoft сильно ограничит Windows 10X на момент запуска

Microsoft сильно ограничит Windows 10X на момент запуска

Microsoft has not yet announced exact dates for the release of the new operating system Windows 10X. However, a well-known journalist Mary Jo Foley with an impressive track record reported on ZDNet details about the planned launch.

Originally, Microsoft planned to launch Windows 10X laptop Surface Neo and his counterparts in the new dual-screen form factor in the end of 2020. However, the device has been delayed until next year, according to ZD.

When a new OS

It is noted that the first commercial release of Windows 10X is planned in the spring of 2021. First the OS will not get the new dual-screen devices, and laptops with one screen, mainly focused on corporate use and educational sector. And in the spring of 2022 will release Windows 10X for dual-screen gadgets.

Moreover, the first release of Windows 10X will not receive the support of traditional desktop Win32 applications, as originally planned, and limited only by the UWP platform applications and web applications. This feature launch can be expected before 2022.

Features Windows 10X

Windows operating system 10X has a closed architecture and users will be available in read-only mode. Previously, Microsoft confirmed that Windows 10X is able to start applications platform UWP (Universal Windows Platform), web apps and traditional desktop programs (Win32).

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