Much prettier: Hyundai presented the seventh generation Elantra

Заметно похорошела: Hyundai презентовали седьмое поколение Elantra

The Koreans has officially introduced the seventh generation of the Elantra sedan.

Despite the fact that the previous generation Hyundai Elantra has not had time to become outdated, in the autumn of 2020 in North America and Korea will start selling the new generation sedan. Later the model spread to other markets, including and Russia.

Korean designers have thoroughly worked over appearance of the car. The headlights retained, but reduced in size and their contour is included in the form of a new grille, which on the contrary increased. The side punch is stronger emphasize the sporty image of the car. The previous generation looks like planed diamond, and the seventh “Elantra” – like a faceted diamond. The overall design is reminiscent of the last Sonata.

The interior of the new generation of the sedan though, and has such items as a digital dashboard and a large multimedia screen as standard, on the background of its predecessor is not so ergonomic: dashboard “sixth Elantra” seemed to surround the driver. Interior design has become more solid, which it looks empty.

Korean version of the sedan is called the Hyundai Avante and is equipped with a 1.6-liter engine capacity of 123 HP American version rides on a 149-horsepower engine capacity of 2 liters. And “Korean and “American” are working with a stepless variator. The Koreans also gave the world the market of hybrid engine, previously only available as an option for the Avante. The hybrid plant has a capacity of 141 HP, it includes a 1.6-liter gasoline engine and electric motor that work together with “robot”.

At the moment Russia has sold the sixth generation Hyundai Elantra Kaliningrad Assembly, produced at the plant “Avtotor”. The price of the car starts from 1 074 000.

Заметно похорошела: Hyundai презентовали седьмое поколение Elantra

Заметно похорошела: Hyundai презентовали седьмое поколение Elantra