Multi-faceted personality: sport and Haute couture in a new spring / summer we seen

Многогранная личность: спорт и кутюр в новых весенне-летних лукбуках

Well here we are already in the homestretch for spring! The time of year when we all will again start a new life, as promised. A Grand revolution is optional – you can open a new one yourself, just changing your wardrobe. Tired of office dress code – try the free spirit of sport, and, of course, each has a right to one new luxurious dress. Or even two.

Arctic Explorer

Sublime creators in the Studio Western brands, of course, thinking about spring, I imagine the California sun and the Cote d’azur. But we know that on the first of may is still may be a chance to make a snowman. In the collection spring-summer from Ksenia Chilingarova there are lightweight jackets that keep the temperature as low as -10 degrees.


In the new season the brand was inspired by the 80s aesthetic and sports a retro style. In the line used this year’s trends: exaggerated silhouettes, wide-leg jeans, sweatshirts with voluminous sleeves, shirts with bold prints and denim items in classic and bright shades.


In this collection the brand refers to the natural simplicity and naturalness. Laconic lines harmonize with natural materials: flax, cotton, silk and cashmere, and all the shades inspired by awakening in spring nature. At the top of the palette are sky blue, Canary, white, sand.

Rami Al Ali Haute Couture

You can’t beat nature – in the spring I want the updates to us and our wardrobe. It is difficult to resist the dresses that will make surviving in the snow, and exhausted by lack of sunlight Miss great Weariness and irresistible Miss Queen of All Vertices. Bright, uncompromising red of Carmen clearly able to encourage and give confidence.


Hoover is a relatively young brand, founded by Olga Malyuga in 2015. In new vesenne-summer collection, the designer focused on the combination of ladylike cut with fine textures.

When creating images we were inspired by the awesome power and beauty of nature – the ocean, pink sunsets and the intricate play of light on surfaces

– said Olga.

Giovanni Fabiani

New dress needs new shoes. The motto of the new collection Giovanni Fabiani: “Never a surprise, always samarajiva!”. Collection spring/summer 2019 represents a modest moderation. Shapes and lines are sharp, carefully researched, and the main “chip” of the steel block heels.