Mulyk: Map of the spread of coronavirus shows that in Transcarpathia the epidemic has been contained

Мулык: Карта распространения коронавируса показывает, что на Закарпатье эпидемию удалось сдержать

Distribution map Covid-19 shows that the lead of the Western region. About it writes on the website of “Correspondent” by the political expert Vladimir Mulik.

“That is logical – virus brought the migrant workers, which more than just in Western Ukraine”, – says the expert.

“The situation is alarming, to the point that in Lviv (82 diagnosed), Ivano-Frankivsk (254) and Ternopil regions (196) are going to impose a curfew” – so describes the situation the author.

According to Vladimir Mulika, compared to other Western areas for the better is only Transcarpathia.

“Compared to other stands out Transcarpathian region. It would seem that the Western area, returned thousands of workers – but at the moment only 56 cases”, – quoted the expert.

Vladimir Mulik this explains the fact that Transcarpathia is the most secure region among the Western regions.

“Let us bear in mind that Transcarpathia among all the Western regions – the most secure region. In March Oksana Marchenko Viktor Medvedchuk organized in Transcarpathia big party masks, gowns, rapid tests, 2 of the apparatus for artificial lung ventilation.

Recently delivered the second batch of 1000 protective suits, the Austrian PCR-tests, 150 thousand masks that will be distributed for free to local residents,” he listed the expert.

According to Muluka, it was the idea of Viktor Medvedchuk is to provide residents and medical remedies, medicines and equipment – therefore, in Transcarpathia the epidemic can be contained.

“That is, the intent of the Medvedchuk – to provide the inhabitants with scarce masks and medical protective suits, tests, devices for the ventilation load. In Transcarpathia, despite the proximity of the Western border and tens of thousands of workers, the epidemic can be contained,” – said the political expert.

In contrast to Transcarpathia, says Mulyk, in many other regions the situation is dire.

“And in other Western regions, as you can see, the situation is dire. But most importantly, we do not know the whole picture. The hospitals in the regions not provided with elementary tests, even the cheapest Chinese. And, for example, as for the Donetsk and Luhansk region, the Ministry did not have data. Imagine how to work as doctors in the frontal area? And do tests and make diagnoses on the uncontrolled territory elementary will not let anyone” – said the political expert Vladimir Mulik.