Munchies: these products are most quickly relieve the feeling of hunger

Заморить червячка: эти продукты быстрее всего снимают чувство голода

It turns out that there are products that easily satisfy hunger, they are useful and quite affordable in price range, and ease of preparation.

First and foremost nutritionists called the potatoes – he was the leader in the rating of satiety. Scientists say that is not always the calorie content of the product can contribute to a sense of prolonged saturation, so the potatoes are fried should be avoided.

Here’s what experts recommend:

Boiled or baked in “uniforms” potatoes. One vegetable is enough to cook a super tasty and healthy salad, this dish is best consumed at lunch time. A combination of slices of boiled potatoes with low-fat cheese or fish is generally ideal. However, from the dishes, even boiled potatoes combined with meat is to give a feeling of heaviness in the stomach are guaranteed. About the undesirability of fried potato we have been warned: Yes, it is very tasty, but the overabundance of carcinogens generated during frying, as well as the saturation of the product with vegetable oil stomach “not be happy”. If you can’t imagine your diet without fried potatoes, try to eat it without meat garnish, and cook, for example, in olive oil, not much frying.

Lunch is also great foods rich in iodine – the thyroid will be protected. Seafood: squid and shrimp, from which you can prepare delightful “fisherman’s” risotto, add the sea Kale all winter salads, replacing the taste of salt cured cucumbers.

Also, nutritionists advise to pay attention to the choice of salt, with which we improve the taste of the product: experts prefer sea salt, which is rich in nutrients for good health micronutrients. But if the choice is between coarse salt sodium and its analogous “extra” to boldly give preference to the first option. Iodized salt is an acquired taste, useful, but has a distinct flavor.

And to maintain the mood and getting rid of hunger, scientists are advised to eat a few almond nuts but don’t overdo it, as they are high in calories. Nuts are rich in fatty acids, fiber, calcium, iron and phosphorus.

For dessert, nutritionists advise you to eat oranges instead of the usual sweets – tasty and healthy: rich in fiber fruits will prevent the desire to eat at night, a candy bar or snack cake.