Munger could not come down from Mars, – Hire of a new round in the case of Gandzyuk

Мангер не мог спуститься с Марса, - Найем о новом витке по делу Гандзюк

MP Mustafa Nayem said that the crimes that occurred in the Kherson region, could not know the Executive branch, including the Chairman of the Kherson regional state administration Andrey Gordeev, Deputy Eugene Rimuka. According to the politician, if one of them didn’t know about it, the question arises whether these officials to posts.

For a long time in the Kherson oblast was the illegal cutting and removal of forests. Local activists believe were involved in this Gordeeva and Rimuka, and the head of the Kherson regional Council Vladislav manger accused of covering up this illegal business

As stressed by Mustafa Nayem in the channel 24, all permits for the deforestation, to work in the field of specific companies – it all happens with the permission of the Executive. Consequently, on the situation of forest in the region of one hundred percent knew the Chairman of the Kherson regional state administration Andrey Gordeev and his Deputy, Eugene Reduc. The politician argues that the latter managed the economic part of these transactions.

“Now all there is a reasonable suspicion, and why it happened that in the area stole the forest, knocked him out, was frankly criminal offences, when ordered the arson of the forest, ordered people. And at that time the head of the regional state administration. He informed the police that in his area things like that happen, or he did not know? If he didn’t know, the question of compliance of a post. However, now one gets the impression that Munger came down from Mars, he was doing something, and all the rest are just now surprised that these things happen, “- said the Deputy.

By the way, how Gordeev and Reduc are representatives of the presidential “Block Poroshenko”, and Munger was a member of the “Batkivshchyna”, but because of the scandal with the death of Catherine Gandzyuk he was excluded from political power. According to activists, all three officials collaborated with an official suspect in the murder of Levin criminal nickname”.-Jr”. However, suspicion has just announced the Manger. As for Catherine Gandzyuk, she fought corruption in Kherson region in all its forms, including illegal logging.

“It’s clear that, in a situation of elections everyone will have to have my suspicions that the current government that the attorney General that the MFP will use the case Gandzyuk for the sake of war with their opponents. Let’s be Frank, Mr. Lutsenko is “Block Petro Poroshenko,” he is an ally of Poroshenko. Mr. Gordeev is the protege Poroshenko. His Deputy appointed by him. In order that such suspicions have been exhausted, there must be transparent investigation to the attorney General Lutsenko came with the case, and showed that deforestation is not possible without Executive power. Impossible, when cut down and take out the forest that did not know about the law enforcement that it did not know the Prosecutor of the region, the ABS and the police, the regional state administration“, – stated the politician.

The head of the Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko assures that the police have no evidence that would confirm the involvement Gordeeva murder Gandzyuk. However, according to the Prosecutor General, his Deputy, Ridoc is now in the SBU. Lutsenko also said that the investigation has defined the facts and evidence against the Deputy Chairman of the Kherson regional state administration.

“They indicate its probable corrupt activities are also associated with forest fires. Now he gives testimony to the SBU. If evidence is sufficient, he will also charged with”, – he said.

The attorney General noted that the evidence of awareness of Rimuka about the plan manger and other participants in the murder Gandzyuk at the moment the investigation does not have.

In addition, the head of the GPU, said that the investigation “will be to declare suspicions to all persons, regardless of their positions, party affiliation, and other characteristics”, but this requires sufficient evidence.

What events preceded the announcement of suspicion to the Manger:

• 8 February, six months after the attack on Catherine Gandzyuk and three months after her death, her friends and activists came under the Administration of President and the office of the “Fatherland” with the question “Who ordered Catherine Gandzyuk?”. They do not accept the results of the investigation, as no one name customers, the official investigation did not mention.

• Under AP the protesters demanded the exclusion Gordeeva and Risuko from the party and dismissal from their posts. And then the activists went under the office of the “Fatherland”. It went to two deputies, who read out the decision on the exclusion of manger from the party. However, the activists insisted that the party initiated his dismissal from the post of Chairman of the Kherson regional Council.

• The next day, 9 February, having not heard a proper response, the activists came to see presidential candidate Yulia Tymoshenko with the voters. They also held posters “Who ordered Kate Gandzyuk?” and tried to ask a politician a question, when she removed from office the head of Kherson regional Council and, probably, already ex-the member of “Batkivshchyna” Vladislav manger. But Yulia Tymoshenko did not respond to the action regarding Gandzyuk.

• Before the speech Tymoshenko on Kontraktova square law enforcement officers nearby, near the restaurant “Puzata Hata”, they said, were detained “an organized group of guys with covered face”.

• As explained by the chief of police of Kiev Andrey Krishchenko, it was reported that the venue of the rally leader of the “Fatherland” was laid explosives, so the police went there. Also, according to him, these people were not able to explain the purpose of his stay on the venue of the action.

• In the end, all the detainees were taken to the police Department. Law enforcement officers noted that the service transport the activists threw the green paint, and so in the office they seized knives, tear gas spray and a gun.

• According to fellow activists, they had with them placards with crossed-out names Vladislav manger and saying “Who ordered Kate Gandzyuk?”. Public figures also added that about ten of them surrounded and detained without any explanation.

• After that, clashes broke out near the district police station, where the activists, but after some time was finally released. In place, in particular profit fellow detainees to stand up for her. In addition, they demanded the return of the activists, their personal belongings, becoming a wall in front of the entrance. Because of this, the police used force against activists, and even began to hit those who were lying on the ground. In addition, one of the police officers shouted: “get Down, Bandera!”

• Such actions of the security forces reacted to the Prosecutor’s office. According to the head of the GPU after the first reports in social networks, his Agency has opened proceedings about abuse of authority by officers of the Metropolitan police. He added that investigators of the State Bureau of investigation needs to assess violence against participants of contreet and on further actions of the police.

In addition, the evening of 9 February, after all the collisions outraged activists went to the house of the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov. They burned flares and launched fireworks. Avakov commented on the arrest and beating of activists only in social networks, for the sake of law enforcement.

What is known about the case of Catherine Gandzyuk? 31 July in Kherson doused with sulfuric acid, Catherine Gandzyuk – known activist and counselor of the mayor of the city. The woman received burns to the body, and it operated. 4 Nov Catherine Gandzyuk died. The official cause of death of the activist – multiple organ failure, and chemical burns with involvement of 39% of his body in an attack using chemicals. Law enforcers are investigating this case as “over the murder, committed by group of persons from mercenary promptings with special cruelty and in order.” 7 Nov Catherine Gandzyuk was buried in Kherson.

According to the head of national police of Sergey Knyazev, only in this case the law enforcers detained six people, and four of them have already confessed to the crime.

Activists and journalists, for their part, say that the intermediary between the organizer and perpetrators of the murder of Catherine Gandzyuk is the assistant Deputy from BPP Nikolay Palamarchuk Igor Pavlovsky. As they say, Pavlovsky allegedly transferred money “for work” the suspect in the crime Sergey Torbino. Subsequently, as Pavlovsky and Palamarchuk has rejected the charges and assured that the case is not irrelevant. November 12, Pawlowski, was detained.

3 December 2018, the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko declared that the consequence has established all customers and organizers of murder of the activist, and the motive for this crime activity Gandzyuk against one of the biggest corruption schemes of the local authorities.

4 December 2018 the head of the GPU noted that law enforcement officers in absentia announced on suspicion of involvement in the murder of Gandzyuk citizen Levin. According to investigators, he was an important element in the preparation and organization of the attacks on Gandzyuk. Likely, Levin is now hiding in the Dominican Republic. He was declared wanted.

About Levin’s information is that earlier he had been convicted along with his father, the latter has received a life sentence, and the Levin – 15 years. The court both found guilty of murder and assaults on drivers in the Kherson region (which was proved by the killing of 15 people). While Levin Jr. prematurely released from prison on “law Savchenko”. Levin is also the result under the name of Moskalenko.


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Мангер не мог спуститься с Марса, - Найем о новом витке по делу Гандзюк