“Municipal guard” disarmed a drunk who threatened travelers in Syrets Park

«Муниципальная охрана» обезвредила пьяного, угрожавшего отдыхающим в Сырецком парке

Protection of urban parks of Kiev by forces of the municipal enterprise “Municipal guard” defused aggressive drunk man, rasiwasia vodka drinks Syretsko Park. This is stated in the publication on the Facebook page of the KP.

“20.04 approximately at 13:00 while on patrol Mireckiego Park duty outfit the team drew attention to the company which lit a fire and drank vodka with five-liter plastic flask, generating around itself usual for that kind of “rest” garbage – plastic cups, bottles and packages. Outfit made to citizens official comment regarding the violation of article 178, 175 and 152 of the Cao, and asked to stop the violation and to remove debris. Most of the rest of the citizens were sympathetic to the comment, but one of them, being under the strong influence of alcoholic beverages, after a series of insults suddenly took out a knife and rushed to the older outfit. Due to the personal combat skills he was able to neutralize and fell to the ground, where he was disarmed and calmed”, – the report says.

However, only the offender is given up, as he again made on workers attack, this time using as weapons lifted from the ground Drin.

“Given the threat to life and health of personnel against him was applied non-lethal weapons, he was detained and transferred to employees of the national police. Two of the employees who tried to calm the attacker, suffered minor injuries and are now in a medical facility assisting and fixing the damage. Currently, striker is located in the district police office where he was charged with several articles, including assaulting a police officer, because after to the station, he decided to continue his exploits,” said in the “local protection”.

They also mentioned that today in Kiev held a spring cleanup, during which, in particular, cleaned parks and squares.

“It is symbolic that this event occurred today, when across the capital there is a big spring cleanup. And while some citizens removed to a green area and create yourself a comfortable space, the other is the same space clog up and consider themselves above basic rules, using force in an argument of his innocence”, – stated in the publication.

«Муниципальная охрана» обезвредила пьяного, угрожавшего отдыхающим в Сырецком парке

«Муниципальная охрана» обезвредила пьяного, угрожавшего отдыхающим в Сырецком парке