Murder in Kakhovka: locals picketed the police station and burned tires

Убийство в Каховке: местные жители пикетировали отделение полиции и жгли шины

Protesters burned tires and fireworks near the police station in Kakhovka, Kherson region, demanding from the police objective investigation of the murder of a local resident. By Saturday evening, January 4, the protesters met with the leaders of the police and suspended the protest, reports the Kherson edition “Bridge”.

The reason for the disturbance of local residents was the murder of local resident Vladimir Chebukina who was shot on the morning of 1 January. The suspect in the murder of the actual husband’s ex-wife of slain former law enforcement officer. His friend, the acting police officer, appeared in the case as a witness.

The victim’s relatives claim that Chebukina was shot multiple people. And fear that the police are trying to “cover” a colleague, reporting suspected only one person. The flames of outraged citizens poured and the mysterious disappearance of records from the surveillance cameras installed in the house where the murder occurred. The house is a Grand club, which is owned by the parents of the former wife Chebukina.

Around 14:00 on Saturday the protesters left the chief of a municipal police Department Alexey voychek. He said that the police during the polygraph test said that he was shot killed, and the office confirmed the truth of his words. Communication with Voicecom did not satisfy the sides, under the police building again burned tires, and the building and threw fireworks and paint.

In the evening a group of negotiators went to the police Department. After 19:30 protesters began to disperse.