Murder Mostovskoy: the lawyers manipulate facts

Убийство Ноздровской: адвокаты подозреваемого манипулируют фактами

Ongoing investigation over the murder of lawyer Irina Mostovskoy, a dead body is found in the river near Kiev January 1, 2018. Now there are new facts about the murder of activist: there are suspicions that the death of Irene, involved not only one person. Also the lawyers of the accused Yury Rossoshanskaja argue that the crime scene it was not.

The lawyer of victims on business Moskovskoy Nikolay Biryukov told channel 24 that the information that the murder of Irene Moskovskoy involved more than one person, can be used not in favor of the investigation.

So, the lawyers Rossoshanskiy have already begun to argue that the crime scene it did not exist, arguing that the crime was committed by different people.

The camcorder actually recorded black beads with multiple persons at the place of the perfect murder, but police failed to establish how and where he went. After the death of Irina, her family received threats and recorded the same black beads. However, lawyers Rossoshanskiy claim that the threats were quite from others.

The goal now associates Rossoshanskiy is creating the appearance that the investigation went on the wrong track, and seems to want to condemn an innocent man. We have the opinion that the murder was committed do not one person. However, Rossoshanskiy there was also,

– Mykola Biryuk.

The lawyer also added that now the investigation there is no evidence that the murder was committed by many people. Now the lawyers Mostovskoy are working to confirm the fact that the murder of the activist Irina meets a group of people. While there is only doubt, and, according to the lawyer, it is too early to draw any conclusions, because the court has not yet examined the case materials.

At the meeting of the Temporary investigative Commission of the Verkhovna Rada on attacks on activists, the mother of Irina Mostovskoy suggested that the murder of her daughter involved a former employer, a member of Deputy group “the Party “Revival” Anton Yatsenko. Earlier this case was not included in consideration of the sun, but today it made. Nikolay Biryukov confirmed that a suspect Yatsenko hears for the first time and he did not know any relationship of this person to the case.

Meanwhile, the Commission on the results of the meeting decided to support the petition of lawyers about the allocation of individual production, in which a re-examination of the crime.

Previously, on 25 January, the Shevchenkivsky district court of Kyiv extended the arrest of Yuri Rossoshanskiy for two months.

What happened with Irina Mostovskoy?

27 December 2017 in the Kiev region disappeared activist, lawyer Irina Noskovskaya. Irina found on 1 January, with stab wounds. Nozkowski led the case of the death of his sister Svetlana Suputinsky that knocked on the car the nephew of the former head of Vyshgorod district court of Rossosh. According to journalist Anna Molchanova, Mostovskoy threatened the relatives of the culprit.

The suspect in the murder of human rights activist Mostovskoy rossoshansky has told about some details of the crime and said he acted alone and killed Moskovskoy due to quarrel with her on a stop of public transport in the village Demidov.

Now continue the hearing of the murder of the activist.

The death of the sister is not the only thing that worked Irina Noskovskaya. She also sued her husband’s sister, to his nephew back. Irina sought to take the boy under his wing.

how events unfolded after the death of Irina Mostovskoy:

  • 1 Jan 2019, the Anniversary of the assassination Mostovskoy: mother of human rights activist called the probable customer
  • 23 Aug 2018 Alleged murderer Moskovskoy arrest extended
  • 23 Aug 2018 Moskovskoy Murder: the family of human rights defender appealed to the Supreme court
  • 23 July 2018 Changes in the case of murder of human rights activist Mostovskoy: Prosecutor demands life
  • May 23, 2018, the court extended the arrest Rossoshanskaya, Jr.
  • Feb 6, 2018 Moskovskoy killed a few people: the resonance of the statement of the father of the deceased