Murder Sheremet: Riffmaster revealed Zelensky and Avakov “terrible secret” of the Ministry of interior

Убийство Шеремета: Riffmaster раскрыл Зеленскому и Авакову "страшную тайну" МВД

Involved in the case about the murder of Pavel Sheremet, Andrey Antonenko appealed to the Prosecutor General, the interior Minister and the President

Andrey Antonenko, a Ukrainian rock musician better known under the name Riffmaster, wrote a letter to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, the Minister of interior and the attorney General. The text of the letter posted on the page Free Riff on the social network Facebook.

Andrei Antonenko, who is suspected in the murder of Pavel Sheremet, spoke to Avakov, the Ryaboshapka here Zelensky with the question, what is the purpose of fraud charges.

“Lord Minister Avakov, the Prosecutor General Ryaboshapka, President Zelensky! I am confident and know what you know and believe that we, who wrongly suspects in the case Sheremet, are innocent in this terrible case. I am interested in the purpose of this fraudulent, shameful, lying accusations against us. Is this an attempt to stay in the chair, to the top post, or you are already applying the methods and manuals of the Russian FSB?” – posted by Riffmaster.

He noted that this is a deliberate destruction of the Ukrainian patriots and compared the charges for cases that are brought against Sentsov and Crimean Tatars in Russia.

“Is that the deliberate destruction of the Ukrainian patriots, who are making every effort to win our country to fabricate criminal cases against them, which they are not involved? What do your actions differ from the actions of the Russian invaders in the Donbas ive Crimea? What are your actions different from the actions of the FSB? Than this false, invented, the infamous case differs from the cases of Oleg Sentsov and Crimean Tatars, who fabricated the FSB?” – added Antonenko and encouraged to stay.

“The Answer Is: Nothing! It’s a shame you, as the Minister, the Prosecutor General and the President! Stop that, please. Enough! Stop killing the people of Ukraine. Give us back our lives! Rock musician, staff Sergeant OOS APU. I have the honor. Antonenko Andrey”, – concluded the Riffmaster.