Murmansk remains focused Nibiru: the Meteor bombardment was replaced by a strange glow

Мурманск остается в зоне внимания Нибиру: Метеоритную бомбардировку сменило странное сияние

By themselves, the Northern lights are not for the region something special. However, it occurred in February and with the unusual colour was a surprise.

In the Murmansk region recorded a strange unplanned Northern lights. Moreover, it was an ominous green and red colors.

Full his magic is possible to realize, only watching with your own eyes. Dancing lights in the night sky, constantly changing its shape and preobrazovania the entanglement of fancy ribbons. Kind of hard to forget.

Northern lights in the region, as a rule, has rich shades of green. Glow red color is extremely rare.

This time it was possible to observe how at the same time shone both of these colors. Experts are not yet ready to give an answer why it happened.

Most brightly it is shining it was possible to observe from the territory of Teriberka. It is located in the Murmansk region village, where tourists.

Of course, with the Khibiny mountains, it looked even more impressive. However, in the winter there for a few days to stop just anywhere.

It was there, by the way, 28 February, recorded the meteor bombardment. She highlighted not only the sky but also the earth. Then everything just went out. No audible explosions followed.

But what happened afterwards is a sharp decrease in temperature. Now manifested by the bloody glow of the heavens. Nibiru certainly sends earthlings their regular signals.