Museum online: a virtual exhibition of the collection of the Museum of Bakhchisarai

В музей онлайн: виртуальная выставка ювелирной коллекции бахчисарайского музея

Bakhchisaray historical-cultural and archaeological Museum-reserve has prepared a virtual exhibition of jewelry collection “Magical world of filigree”. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of culture of the RK.

In the Fund of the Bakhchisaray Museum-reserve articles of gold, silver and alloys occupy a worthy place. A special group of jewelry Crimean Tatar masters belonging to the most vivid Museum objects. Jewelry collection of Bakhchisarai Palace-Museum was formed through gifts, donations of local population, purchasing, and also due to the transfer of exhibits from other museums.

To see the exhibition on the Museum’s website.

The exhibition presents the following groups of jewelry: head jewelry (tepeli – tops for womens beanie Fes bash-Altyn – headlamp jewelry, silip-aschi – temple jewellery, compartment – earrings), neck and chest ornaments (gerginlik – a necklace, cyanide – amulets), waist decoration (kyuchak – belt, kyuchak-bash – the buckle, Suluk – S-shaped part), ornaments for the hands (Bilezik wristbands alkyi, Yuzyuk – ring).

The above jewelry made of silver and alloy in the technique (openwork and background) of filigree, inlaid with semiprecious inserts, date from the end of XVIII – early XX centuries, All groups of jewelry was popular not only among young girls but also among representatives of the senior generation.

The great perfection reached the Crimean Tatar masters in the manufacture of jewelry in filigree, filter. Mainly used two types of watermark: background – when the pattern was napevala on the prepared plate, and delicate – when through the comparison of smooth and twisted wires of different thickness were created beautiful lace pattern type. In the technique of filigree has performed a variety of women’s jewelry: temporal lobe, neck, chest, earrings, belts, bracelets and rings. In addition to watermark, the Crimean Tatar jewelers have used these types of techniques: art casting, stamping, punching, embossing, engraving, granulation, niello, enamel, rubies (gems, gold, silver, pearl, turtle, walrus ivory, Rhino horn).

В музей онлайн: виртуальная выставка ювелирной коллекции бахчисарайского музея