Mushroom poisoning starts with gastric lavage

Отравление грибами начинается с промывания желудка

Fans of mushrooms should know that of more than 3,000 types of food you should only eat 400 different kinds of mushrooms.

Sometimes even the pickers with a great experience can be wrong and not suitable to cut a mushroom. How to act when mushroom poisoning.

The first thing you need to know at poisoning with mushrooms it is necessary to wash out the stomach and call the ambulance. At the first symptoms: stomach pain, diarrhea, vomiting, weakness and drowsiness, excessive sweating, cramps, hallucinations, drowsiness, need while waiting to wash out the stomach. And imeenno, drink plenty of boiled water, preferably in water, add a little potassium permanganate.

According to experts, mushrooms that cannot be eaten, can influence the human body like a poison that, once ingested, can cause severe toxicity. Just a few hours of chelovek starts vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms of poisoning.

With such symptoms, doctors recommend to remember the exact time of the beginning of the organism’s reaction to a dish of mushrooms. It is also recommended not to throw this dish, and give it to chemical analysis. Then it’s easy for doctors to prescribe treatment.

Best of all the mushroom poisoning to go outside and is on the air until the doctors. Even better, experts say, is to drink at least 10 tablets of activated charcoal.

Before the arrival of the doctor advised not to take any other drugs, except for coal, since only a doctor can prescribe pravilnoe treatment.