“Music in old Lviv” will still be

"Музыка в старом Львове" таки будет

VII international music festival starts in Lviv 15 August

15 in the city of Leon will open the VII international music festival “Music in old Lviv”, which will last until August 30. The festival will present eight events designed to showcase the diversity and uniqueness of music culture of the city, for which even the princely-era music was an integral part of it.

It is that the quarantine (although compliance with all mandatory regulations) – again to show Lviv as a city with a special historical and architectural landscape, monuments of European culture and history, traditions, interactive ideas and creative realities. Because traditionally, the concerts take place not only in concert halls, but in churches, squares, and other unexpected venues.

As told to “Espresso.Zahid” the founder of the festival, chief conductor and artistic Director of the Academic chamber orchestra “virtuosos of Lviv”, people’s artist of Ukraine Serhiy Burko, given the demands of the time, part of the events will be broadcast online. Because the festival originally has a permanent partner of the festival “Music in old Krakow” under the guidance of Stanislav Alanskogo, it is not only about active learning, but also about the popularization of Ukrainian music and Ukrainian artists in Europe. I wonder, founded in 1976 in Poland ideologically similar action, only on the ground of the capital of małopolska province – in the past the state capital and seat of the coronation – also traditionally held in those days, and the Ukrainian event.

On the official YouTube channel of the Lviv national Philharmonic will be broadcast not only in Lviv, but Cracow and concerts.

“The time has put us into new realities, – says Sergiy Burko. – This year is the year of the 25th anniversary for my orchestra” virtuosos of Lviv “. In may, we had to have a big concert for the occasion, but moved for a summer, and now September. And the people tickets are not passed, it is expected that the concert will still be able to get. As for me, this feature is very important: no live music the man can’t.”

The festival “Music in old Lviv” will begin on the square at St. George’s Cathedral holiday concert Academic chamber orchestra “virtuosos of Lviv” dedicated to two memorable dates – the 100th anniversary of the birth of Karol Wojtyla, better known to the world as Pope John Paul II, and the 155th anniversary of the birth of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky. In other words, people who not only were reformers of the Church, but did a lot for culture. Interestingly, the next day “virtuosos of Lviv” will perform in churches in villages, with which the pages of the life of John Paul II and Andrey Sheptytsky have been associated in Vizhomlya and Prylbychi of Yavoriv district of Lviv region.

Later “virtuosos of Lviv” concert “panorama of the old town” will perform on the observation deck of the hotel “RIUS”. The quintet of wind instruments “Lemberger Gold Brass” will present a holiday program in the courtyard of the Potocki Palace. Only this year, a nonresident musician, laureate of international competitions – from Kiev Mikhail Goncharov will give a solo concert in the former refectory of the Cathedral. And the festival will end at Lviv national Philharmonic event “the Noble Baroque”.