Musicians have generated 1.2 TB of all kinds of tunes for protection from copyrights

Музыканты сгенерировали 1,2 Тбайт всевозможных мелодий для защиты от копирайтов

The problem of copyright in the music industry are long overdue. The company serves a multimillion-dollar lawsuits, trials last for years, but the situation is not improving. And because there was a very original solution.

Lawyer, programmer and musician Damien RIL (Damien Riehl) together with another musician Noah Rubin (Noah Rubin) proposed his idea, which should save composers from possible future allegations of plagiarism. To do this, they generated an array of MIDI sequences of more than 1.2 TB, and got the rights to them and declared the materials in the public domain.

To implement this, the authors created an algorithm that enumerates all possible combinations of the 8-note and 12-share ringtones. It is capable of generating up to 300 thousand tones per second. Code of the algorithm is available on GitHub, and an archive of tunes in the Internet archive.

The idea is that mathematically the increasing number of melodies “duplicate” will appear more often, since the probability of random coincidences. Because of the combination of all possible combinations of 8 notes, though very large but not infinite. According to Rila, and ruby, their project to generate all possible melodies will solve the issue with copyright because you can provide the court generated the originals and prove that they are not limited to copyright.

In addition, we can prove that melodies are mathematical, and are numeric constants that do not fall under the legal definition of copyright content.