Musk founded the school, which will study rocket science and virtual reality

Маск основал школу, где будут изучать ракетостроение и виртуальную реальность

Маск основал школу, где будут изучать ракетостроение и виртуальную реальность

At the new school Elon musk items will be the same for everyone, regardless of age, and the lessons will be held once a week on Thursdays. Online training will begin in September 2020, and will last one academic year. The annual cost of this course is 7,500 dollars.

To get to Astra Nova School, children need to write an essay about their Hobbies and perform a number of tasks, for example, fill the exhibits of the virtual gallery or to select the best astronauts for the first Mars mission, says DB.

Also applicants will need to view a short video on the topic industrial pollution and determine who is to blame for it. On the school’s website claim – right or wrong the answer is no – the user only wants to hear the thoughts of the children about such ethical issues.

“Unfortunately, traditional schools do not work on developing what is needed by children in the first place: the ability to interact with problems, with opportunities to think creatively and to form their own voice,” according to the website Astra Nova School.

Other similar projects Mask

Astra Nova School is not the first school project Mask. In 2016, he also founded a school Ad Astra, where in addition to his own children for free children learn, certain employees of the company SpaceX. There worked to create robots, discussed nuclear policy and planned how to confront the risks of artificial intelligence.

Subsequently, the Mask realized that the school did not work as he planned, so he reformed it, allowing you to learn more kids and focusing on how to teach them kompleksna solving problems.

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