Musk showed off a new rocket engine Raptor: nice video

Маск продемонстрировал новый ракетный двигатель Raptor: зрелищное видео

Company founder Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk has published pictures and videos of the demonstration test of a rocket engine Raptor to be installed on the superheavy carrier rocket Starship.

On Twitter, Musk shared photos and entertaining videos directly from the test site, which is a series of tests of the new Raptor engine which are in Texas.

A rocket engine Starship Raptor is now undergoing tests on the power and duration of the work.

The new missile will replace the existing Starship rocket SpaceX, Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy, cargo Dragon spacecraft and the manned Dragon 2.

In 2017, the company SpaceX has made the decision on transition to the strategy of “lean startup” and combining into one project technology start-UPS in earth orbit, interplanetary flights, and flights within the Earth.

Musk noted that the engine thrust will be not less than 200 tons.

On 1 February, the head of SpaceX in his Twitter showed a photo of the new Raptor engine which is brought to the landfill in Texas for testing.

What is known about the Starship missile?Is the new name for the space stage of the carrier rocket of new generation, previously known as the BFR. The new system is designed SpaceX for missions to Mars and the moon, and for the quick flights on the Ground. Rocket Starship will be three engines of the Raptor.

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