Mustache and Witherspoon made eye before the fight: video

Усик и Уизерспун встретились взглядами перед боем: видео

Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk debuts in the heavyweight bout against American Chazza Witherspoon in the night from 12 for October 13 in Chicago.

Before the fight the boxers held a traditional duel views. At the end of the Tendril funny showed samurai.

The tendril – Witherspoon duel views: watch the video

At first the Mustache was supposed to debut in the heavyweight division may 25, and rival was supposed to be Carlos Takam. It did not happen. The Ukrainian was injured, the battle was postponed, and then the opponent refused to fight.

Then agreed with the Dutchman Tyrone Spong. A powerful Avenue that was a good candidate for a debut fight. But here, a failure. Four days before the fight, Spong was accused of doping. The fight was on the verge of collapse, and subsequently it was canceled. But urgently found and his replacement – American Chazza Witherspoon.