Mustache can beat any heavyweight, the former coach of Ukraine in Boxing Sosnowski

Усик может побеждать любого тяжеловеса, – экс-тренер сборной Украины по боксу Сосновский

In the second part of an interview to famous Ukrainian Boxing coach Dmytro Sosnovsky told about the ‘ 90s, security, respect for women’s Boxing, the future of the Moustache, leaving the boxers in Russia, the intersection of politics and sports and the offer from other countries.

The first part of the interview about your childhood, how come in Boxing, other sports, dealt with his family, leaving his post as coach of the national team of Ukraine, hobby, and relationship to fame following the link.

– Had to earn money in the 90s?
Only once was. Went to Poland was selling bed-sheets, socks, pump for water swing. Everything else is earned only because of Boxing. When I was very difficult, I have helped Andriy khamula, who now lives in Australia. There was a time that my wife for 8 months or even a year did not receive wages, therefore, was in trouble. Hamul played for Polish club earned dollars there and helped me. Then Kotelnik also played in Poland and helped.

– Did your Pets in the 90s in the criminal structure?
– Students are many and they are all different. There were those that went to the brigade. Someone more, someone less time spent there. It was such a time. Boxers and wrestlers took, took and other athletes. Every man chose his path.

I his disciples taught and teach on what is bad and what is good. Continually telling someone to pick up is bad. Even if I have now the handle will take is a bad thing. And I’m not saying to take away property or even life. This is unacceptable! Outstanding my students didn’t let myself. Am very grateful that you listened to me and stick to it. To take, to humiliate, to go in a group, being physically stronger than others is the same to us now came and threw a grenade. If the person is smart, can build a banking system, and you’re just strong, and came to take his property, that is wrong and not acceptable.

– You are a wealthy man?
– The trainer is… to me God is not offended. Here sits Andriy Kotelnik, we all went together. There were moments when I, as a young athlete, gave money from his family. Then when he boxed as a Pro and started earning, they supported me. The machine gave me the money and share.

I really was secured after London (Olympic games in London in 2012 – approx. ed) when he received the award. Received champion Sasha Usik and as the head coach of the team. It was 125 thousand dollars, big money. Also Gerega, we played for his club, gave me a car Land Cruiser. I was given a two-bedroom apartment after winning the world championship in Baku. Now there son lives.

Before retirement I received a salary of 56 thousand hryvnias. Now I like a little less. It’s just guard the money, because I had 4 thousand hryvnias. When the Tendril and Chagaev won the European championship, then got a scholarship to the “Outstanding coaches”. It was the same as athletes. Sasha paid 7 thousand, and I the same. Gave to Sasha for winning the championship of the world 12 thousand, and I the same. When Cirrus moved in the pros, I took everything off.

I’m not a poor man. I have provided children, has a car. Now working as a coach in FSO “Dynamo”, the analytical Department of the University of physical culture, high school sports are part-time. My pension compared to the other two points above. I can invite you and your friends to a restaurant for lunch, and it’s not expensive. Of course, once a month, not every day. I have no right to complain of the state regarding security.

– Why are You against women’s Boxing?
– Very against. This antagonism. I may be old, but I have Christian values. The values that come from God. I am against gender, same-sex marriage. Not just against, I’m not Naviga. I think that is low and disgusting. In the same way and against women’s weightlifting. For me, the female struggle, and then so… me against aggressive women. A woman repents of being a woman. I’m for femininity that men were men and women felt a woman a man, and a man a man a woman. I’m like I am.

I always wonder why do we have gay parades. They say that they are the minority. If they are minority, why do the parades. Let them live in these minorities. I never went to parades, but against gays and lesbian would have gone. If we look at history, they always were, but it was not advertised. Now they advertise, and God forbid that I will live to see time when people will say “ashamed” with a woman to meet with a man you should meet.” How can men make out? I cuddle up with your loved ones, and convey positive emotions. But kissing for me is not acceptable, not to mention other things.

Understand that women’s Boxing is, and there are medals. But I would have canceled all the awards. I say, “D., you’re wrong, she brings reward as well as your Kotelnik”. For me it is still not acceptable.

– What you need to do to the region has improved its position in the Ukrainian Boxing?
– I communicate with journalists because they all have a positive attitude to me, but many refuse, because all information about me you can find on the Internet. Some journalists call, ask to meet, but I already sometimes do not want to raise these issues. Now I sometimes call, say that there is in the team, but I already own the focus has shifted, in Lviv want to establish something, to change. Because today Lviv Boxing a bit losing ground. So I was not interested in the team now. I am a graduate of the Lviv school of Boxing, as a boxer and as a coach and all the achievements I have due to the Ukrainian boxers, so to change I want nothing. I don’t want to go somewhere, to understand the mentality of some other nationality. I live among my people, you know Ukrainian, I like the lions, like the Ukraine. We need each other to know, to respect each other.

Big Boxing, adult and small – all depends on the coach and staff. At the time, was Starchak, Vinick, who created the box. Then came Vasilyuk, koziniec, which continued to develop. The Lviv school is strong, but coaches also need to educate and train like and athlete. Now we have good young coaches. There Are Roman Juman, Andrew Salva. There are very young coaches, as Oleg Barylak and my son. Need to wait a bit and give these coaches an incentive.

We go on the championship of Ukraine among juniors, and Lviv come two bronze medals. Bronze! It’s not even one champion. Bronze medal – it’s not even the leader of the team. Well, that Stepan Rodak and Andriy Kotelnik felt that stalled everything, and it is necessary to change the situation. To reach success in adult sports, you have to find young Kotelnikov, Zaulichnyi, dzhumanov. I’m willing to help not willing to go on collections, and to support, advise, always ready.

It’s a shame that now the Amateur Boxing also goes to the business. In order to develop Boxing, it is necessary to invest and not to take. There is now a generation that wants to take from the box, and not to invest there. Trying to capitalize on it.

– Oleksandr Usyk moved to the heavyweight division. What are its prospects, in Your opinion?
– Usyk, Lomachenko, Shelestyuk, Khitrov is a large and prominent our boxers have done a lot for Amateur Boxing. They have the right to make a decision that you want. Sasha Usik has collected all the belts in the heavy weight and moved to heavyweight. It’s his decision and he’s entitled to it.

If you ask whether it is the right decision? It is show time, this is Boxing. Sasha can now beat any heavyweight. It is now over a hundred pounds and says that fighting will make 98 lbs. the first time I drove it with a weight of 84 kg when he played in the first heavy weight. When he won the license, overcame heavyweights who weighed 91 kg and more. He made them clowns at the tournament in Italy. In a series of WSB have you seen any heavyweight he won. So I think if it is in good shape and you do it right, you can become a champion in the heavyweight division. He is a very talented boxer, he has all of the components. Saying that he doesn’t have a knockout punch. Well, no, but he people, and so “flips”.

You have to understand that not all of the boxer puncher. There are still irowiki and Tambovici. Nokautera born. “Bank” is either there or not. Sani lot of data and qualities of the boxer, thanks to which he can cover the lack of a knockout punch. Although this is Boxing, a knockout punch can be at any time. He harassed the speed of the hands and feet, the opponents themselves. He has a lot of options.

– How about the intersection of politics and sports?
– Should be treated professionally to everything. For me a good and professional Minister of sports was the Kafil Safiullin. Nikolai Kostenko was a great professional. For Peter Pisarchuk I’m ready to stand up and defend it. I’m interested in the sport. We take the market “southern”, if he built such an Empire, and added rhythmic gymnastics, Boxing, tennis, gave jobs. And then people come and say, “you give us, because it was the regionals.” It is not correct. So I went to protect him. I came to protect human rights. It in the first place. There are those who I would not have gone to protect. For example, our mayor is not going to protect. People should be judged for what you did and how you did. Pisarchuk raised our economy, not those that have ponastroili stadiums and playgrounds. He school was built, the Church did. What he did wrong? In order to survive, defend your piece, he needs to have a political position. You do well. If you are the mayor, do something good for the city. The people who came after me and saw Kotelnik and realized that we protect our own. I never did, no one would pick it up and its not given to anyone. Will defend to the last.

– How about the fact that athletes, including boxers, go into politics, as, for example, Vitali Klitschko.
Athletes are real people like any other. Why go into politics, economists, writers, journalists, generals? What the athlete can not go? If he is a good athlete, then there must be a good politician. Everyone who goes into politics has its own area: the economist has an economy, the banker is the banking sector. Sport is also a sector of our life. Who better than the athletes will defend the sports industry. So they should uphold the sports of the school, to write the laws. But I can’t judge what they will be.

Klitschko was a great athlete, a politician should be. I always hate it when over Vitali laughing because of the wrong spoken sentence. And you could have something not true to say. I know him as an athlete and person, he is a positive person. He achieved success through hard work. I am pleased that Lomachenko in one of the interviews supported him. I’m a selfish person, always worried and worried about Boxing. I am pleased that the athletes go into politics. Is Denis Silantyev, Andrew Derizemlya, Arthur Ward. If the athlete has glorified our country, he is crazy, then why would he not be a politician. Annoying when people who have no relation to sports, become Ministers. We have no Olympic Champions or young athletes, who can lead the Ministry?

What he can’t be a politician (points to Andriy Kotelnik, who sits at the next table – approx. ed.). He can talk, he thinks light, makes a lot of good things, the enemy of corruption. If we people did not get into the system and something is good, it has like a white crow. Let them continue to do further.

In 2012, in Donetsk, Ukrainian boxers conducted a master class on the background of the symbols of the Party of regions…
– Here all is clear. The President of Federation of Boxing was then a member of the Party of regions and he was engaged under his flag. I too was invited, but I declined. I supported Pisarchuk, but as a person. Did not support the party, I didn’t care who he’s with. Not wanting to drive. If we supported the Ukrainian sport, then I would go. He has invested heavily in the development of Boxing. But no matter under what flags party event, I would still go. I’m the head coach of the national team I face. The team is not a separate party, she represents the country. To put leaders on such an action wrong.

I always defend our leaders. Don’t like it when continually attacking the Moustache. He was born in Simferopol, he’s got friends, classmates, Kuma. As it needs to keep yourself out there? That it for this shot? How can it be “rape”. He is always the same says, and it will not lag behind. He was a Ukrainian, lives in Kiev, and it still moved. And most importantly, those that “chew”, and what have they done for Ukraine? He travels to Russia, wins and then goes to our guards and helps them. Stop trying to attack him, do something good make.

I have matchmakers Russians, they’re fine. But it happened as it happened. I am a nationalist in the best sense of the word. I love Ukraine and I don’t want to humiliated me as a Ukrainian. I want to be respected and I respect other people.

When I was asked by some journalists “at the state language or in Russian will answer?”, I said that on the home. Ukrainian native for me, and the state for the “ahlimanov”, which came to office, as Abromavicius (Ukrainian politician of Lithuanian descent, was Minister of economic development and trade – approx. ed.).

– How about the fact that boxers are for other countries, like Ishchenko for Israel?
– Regarding Paul Ishchenko, he trained for three years under my leadership. His father coached. So when he fell out of the cage… he and his father are very positive and decent people. They immediately asked me what my vision is. I didn’t see his team leader at the time, so allowed to play for Israel.

Now if an athlete decides to play for another country, it is his vision and decision. What I did not go to coach another team, then that’s my decision. I have no right to criticize anybody for his decision.

– After the Olympics in Sydney were You offered to stay there to work. What was the offer?
– Lives in Sydney my pet – Andriy khamula. This is my first master of sports, the first master of sports of international class and do a very good fighter. He offered me to stay in Sydney. Then the offer to stay in Sydney was not a purely coaching. Andrew said to me, “D., the sole to be hard. Let us so now we’ll find you some work to help, and I think that over time we will make room and will work as a coach.” I’m absolutely not satisfied, I know I need to work on where he worked. Got a family to take the children to collect and also had their reasons.

For me, in life it is difficult to make drastic changes. I have many acquaintances, comrades, but friends are few – those who have grown with me, with whom I spent most of my life. Here I have a family, my room, the pupils. And break somewhere to go I didn’t want. Andrew and his family lives a different life: cars, apartments, business, one daughter is the face of Australia, getting married, the other in America, learns, plays tennis, that is, they have everything super, earn good money, own a construction firm there. And Andrew said me that now I would have already had your gym and trained there. I told him this answer: “Yes, but there’s one problem: the Ukrainian team the best in the world, and in Australia as there was Boxing, so it will not be. And Dmitry Dmitrievich, it would be there wouldn’t do”.

– Even there were offers from other countries?
– There were two failures: in 2011 he proposed me to head the Russian team, and in 2012 – the team of Azerbaijan. For me priorities are the national team and Ukrainian Boxing. And everything else doesn’t interest me.

Leaving the boxers for the competition. What is Your position?
– Athletes are always hostages. You cannot be half pregnant. The Minister wants to be good and make a decision you do not leave. But you can come at the expense of the Federation. Then those people who went and glorified our country, do not get a bonus, have titles. Let’s make the final decision. I’m ready, we decide – we have a war. We all mobilizes, close all the pubs after 21:00. And then we have all the half. We either completely leave or go. You can’t be polupation. You either love their country or not.

– What, in your opinion, do the Ukrainian colleagues boxers from overseas?
For me, Ukraine is a sporting state, but there are some sports that are ours colorful. Develop all kinds of wrestling, athletics, shooting. Perhaps historically for our nation they are suitable. Although, sometimes, we can manifest themselves in other sports that are uncharacteristic for our country. As, for example, acrobatics. Sometimes I wonder why we can’t manifest itself in the ski sports or the track. There are the types in which the system is preserved.

I always say, that you offer something to destroy in our country. Well, that defended the youth school. Although they re-formed, was transferred to local budgets, but their very essence was preserved. And it is very good that the athletes have defended it. And the same in each system. Our system and our trainers different from trainers working abroad. I asked a lot of questions why I went abroad. And if we analyze the coaches went abroad to earn money, we will see that they do not like. And money not earned, and fame has not received. And maybe even in the negative came out. Why? Because this system is ours and the mentality of our children. As we know, no one knows. Because every coach has their families, their children, which we know and understand. When we arrive in another country, everything is completely different. That’s why it is now becoming harder to keep children? Because the mentality is beginning to change.

When we had no where to go. All we did was Boxing and he was in the first place. Now other things come to the fore. My peers in eighth grade, was tried for theft, and I was gathered and ran to practice. Coaches from the hall we were driven out, and now the opposite – kids in the hall is not neglected. After school they sit at computers, telephones – it is now for them in the first place.

Our systems are completely opposite and foreign. One of the great philosophers said that the most difficult to live during some changes. Now we live in a time very much lost. Someone had adjusted to these changes, and some don’t. And one who is not adjusted, it just “died”.

Now I get a call from the national team because they have poor nutrition or some other problems. There are some standards, but they’re always late – the prices have gone up. Once the food I had, for example, 68 UAH per day. And for the money I have, three times a day to feed students. There were moments when I got to the restaurant our base and the Director tells me that the coaches are going to feed twice a day because if students 68 UAH per day, then coach 32. The coach works, coach works, and he also need to eat properly. And I had to assemble a team and divide all the funds equally among all: both coaches and students. I realized that I called the President of Federation of Boxing of Ukraine or the Vice President or people like my friends who already had a business, and I’ve brought 100 kg of meat, 200 kg of fish, cucumbers, tomatoes, who could, who’s eggs I was told banks. And so I fed the team.

What I am about to say not to criticize the new coach, just stating the facts. Now call me collect in Kolomna, and they give to food 300 hryvnia. Well, it’s really small. If we have coffee with you, and it is 50 hryvnia spent, how much then need funds to feed the athlete who trains 3 times a day? Need to diet then at least 600 hryvnias were allocated. Say guys, Zhukov, when he was, he called the President and the new coach says: “what do you mean crazy? As I’m the President call?”. But the President took this position in order to develop this sport, to help him.

– And then problems with payment?
– Yes, it’s true. Here we spend January gathering in Kolomna. And the one who organizes, receives a payment in June. That is, he is actually feeding all their money. In addition to this inflation.

– Among your pupils there are a lot of Champions. There were those who did more than you expected or Vice versa, did not live up to your expectations?
– It’s hard to talk about someone from the national team that he did not meet expectations. Because to hurt the athlete does not want to. If he had made the national team, he already did a lot. To focus on some of the names or name you want. There are objective and subjective reasons for some losses, as in sport there is and the human factor too.

When Rio ceased (I wasn’t in Rio), I have then health was torn, I had two surgeries. Then, when we have not won medals, and we didn’t even get a stronger composition. Khizhnyak then misses at the Olympic games, but in exactly eight months after the Olympic games wins the European championship, world championship and becoming the best athlete. Yes, someone failed to realize themselves, but that’s not the fault of the athlete or coach.

Here was such a situation when, for example, I coach some athlete, one vase with Vasya Lomachenko and asks why his client is not going to the competition. I say that goes Bob, because he really is stronger. And he to me: “don’t you think that Bob is also a living person may be under the car to get”. I told him: “do You even hear what you’re saying? Instead of educate and prepare better than Bob, you’re waiting for Bob under the car will enter”. For someone Bob champion, for someone Bob enemy and takes someone else’s place.

I don’t want to call someone names because each will have to analyze why it happened. Because there are times when a person reaches, but criticism is. That’s what does not agree Berinchyk. Every year they sign contracts with the Ministry of sport. The contract stipulates the rights and obligations of both parties. And in that situation Berenic begins to break: don’t come to the training camp etc. Well, one day he got sick, then we have to go to international tournaments, he again doesn’t want to go, because he’s already the silver medalist. He broke was not in our system did not train, and this boy, I have passed all charges, trained, sparred and ready. And then there Berinchyk and said, “I want to go to the European championship”. I told him: “No, brother, you will not go.” And here already start the offense. But there are rules and they should be the same for everyone, no matter you are silver medalist, champion or not.

I gave an example that this afford could neither Mustache nor Lomachenko. When Sasha Usik has not yet decided to go into professional sports, although it was already the prize-winner of Olympic games, he came to training camp. When we won the Olympic games in London, this is not one of my merit. When I was announced the best coach in the world, and wherever I go and say, “Oh, this is the best coach in the world” – my bald spot is sweating. I became a better coach thanks to God, guys, other coaches and many other people. Worked a large group of people, which really deserves the thanks. But when in Rio, no medals, and this group of people has not worked, and therefore guilty only of Dmitry Dmitrievich, well, you’ll excuse me. I pleaded not removed, no medals, so bad that something had happened. But in this situation it is impossible to blame one person. The team works team. I have always said that my team has made a great contribution, and all the others did even more, so we all have won. And when there was some kind of failure, and then one to push…

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