Mustache challenged Wilder: He’s not going to win me round and round.

Усик бросил вызов Уайлдеру: Он не выиграет со мной и раунда

Oleksandr Usyk is a champion WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder. Ukrainian is confident that he will win American.

Cirrus has said it will not allow Wilder to win in any round.

I call Deontay Wilder. I will fight him in his hometown. He has not won a single round. I’m the best heavyweight in the world,
– quotes Moustache page Boxing Hype in Instagram.

Earlier, Alexander said he wanted to fight with all strong fighters but Wilder is the most interesting opponent. According to Cirrus, the Deontay WBC belt, which is green. “Green is my favorite color,” – said Ukrainian.

That speaks Wilder?

WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder says that the Mustache does not bear any threat to it.

Alexander Usik is not threat to me. It’s too small. It makes a lot of movements and all that, but this doesn’t bother me
said Wilder.

Next fight Wilder needs to be held on 23 November. He will meet with Luis Ortiz.

How real is this fight?

Now this fight has almost no chance to occur for several reasons. Firstly, Mustache debuted in the heavyweight division. The 12th of October, Ukrainians will hold the first fight at the new weight against Chazz Witherspoon. The tendril must clearly win to assert themselves.

Secondly, the fight at the moment is not drawn on top level because of the relatively weak media recognition of Alexander in the United States. Thirdly, Mustache and Wilder until we can meet, if Robert decides to conduct a voluntary defense of the WBC title with a Ukrainian.

Famous British promoter Eddie Hearn, who is a partner of Cirrus, responded to the words of Deontay that American easily get a handle on Alexander.

He invited the American to meet with the Moustache, but is skeptical that the fight will take place in the near future.