Mustache critical verse said veteran anti-terrorist operation, who called him a monkey

Ukrainian boxer in the heavyweight Alexander Usik (17-0, 13 KO’s) published in Instagram a poem criticizing “unfounded guys.”

Apparently, the poem is addressed to the ATO and the founder of the chain Pizza Veterano Leonid Ostaltseva. The broadcast of “JE SENS” on channel 5 criticized Usyk, Lomachenko and others.

The text of the poem in the original language:

I may be a monkey, so says one donkey

You forgive me for the word, without studded you’re a cowboy.

Strong beard you wear your muscles strong,

The words you are the terminator, and in fact the first pancake.

All afraid of the gun don’t forget to file away the fly,

And it will hurt it will be hard to come by.

Unfounded the boys learn to say,

Better yet, learn not to talk and to create.

In a note to the post Mustache wrote: In words, it was Leo Tolstoy, but in fact idle. Peace to all.

Leonid ostal’tsi criticized Alexander Usik: watch the video