Mustache – the Belew: prediction and betting bookmakers to fight November 10

Усик - Белью: прогноз і ставки букмекерів на бій 10 листопада

In the fight between the absolute world champion Ukrainian Alexander Usik and Briton Tony Bellew at stake will be championship belts four versions – WBC, WBA, IBF and WBO. Bookmakers estimated the chances of each of the boxers to win this battle.

Ukrainian Alexander Usik is the favorite in this fight. The bookies are inclined to think that he will be able to defend all their titles. So, in William Hill to win the Mustache exhibited a coefficient of 1.17. That Bellew will win – 5,50. The probability that the fight will end in a draw is quite small – the ratio of 29.00.

It is worth noting that a fairly high probability that the fight will end prematurely with a victory Mustache. Bet on the fact that the Ukrainian will win by knockout, technical knockout or disqualification is 1,83. Most likely such a victory of 4-6 or 7-9 rounds. The odds that the fight will end in these rounds for 5.00.

Bet that the fight will last all 12 rounds to 2.37. If there is no coefficient of 1.53.

In PariMatch also expressed a preference for Mustache – ratio of 1.13 for the victory of the Ukrainian. Victory Underwear – 6,50. The draw of 26.00. While an early victory Mustache got factor of 2.05, while that Bellew will win ahead of time – those of 6.50. The experts PariMatch not believe that a Brit can win on points – of 2.20 that such a victory against the Tendril of 15.00 to win Bellew on points.

Relatively early victories, it could happen in 4-6 or 7-9 rounds. The odds that these rounds will win the Mustache – 5.50. That this period will win the Underwear – at 21,00.

Favorite sports” put the smallest odds to win the Mustache – 1,10. And gave the biggest odds to win the Underwear – 7,35. About the draws, then the ratio of 34.00.

However, they have a coefficient of 1.87 that the fight will last 12 rounds. The same odds that the fight will end prematurely (regardless of the name of the winner).

With respect to rounds in which to win the Mustache, then the smallest ratio of 10-12 rounds of 4.00. Win in 7-9 rounds priced at 4.50. For example, an early victory Underwear 4-6 or 7-9 rounds – 19,00. At the same time, the Mustache more chances to win in the second half of the battle – a ratio of 2.20 to win in 7-12 rounds, and the ratio of 5.10 to win in 1-6 rounds. In the Underwear of the opposite situation – of 8.00 to win in rounds 1-6 and 10,50 for the fact that the British will win in 7-12 rounds.

Their experts have a fairly large probability that Bellew will be knocked down – ratio of 1.67. That Mustache will be in the ring during the fight at 4.00.

Marathon bet to win Mustache exhibited a ratio of 1.16. Victory Underwear – 6,10. The draw of 29.00.

Most likely the Mustache to win, after the fight – bet on it with odds of 2.62. Victory Underwear in full battle – 19,00. Close to this is the victory of the British in 7-9 rounds – 19,75.

We will remind, fight the Tendril – Belew will be held on Saturday, November 10. Online match, video fight, and the result on the website of Channel 24.

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