Mustache – the Belew: the result of the battle – who won 10.11.2018

Усик - Белью: результат бою - хто переміг 10.11.2018

The absolute world champion Oleksandr Usyk in the battle against Brit Tony Bellew defended their championship titles. He won in the eighth round by knockout.

The tendril from the beginning of the battle, seized the initiative, and from the middle of the meeting began “squeezing” the opponent. In the third round, the boxers exchanged a series of dangerous shots. Especially frustrating was the fact that the Underwear went straight right to the jaw Barbels.

In the fourth round, the Briton dared even to make fun of your Mustache, leaning on the ropes, as if urging him to fight. And even a little “dancing” in the ring. The Ukrainians responded with a left kick that reached the goal.

After that the Underwear began to pass blows from the Ukrainian. In the eighth round Bellew missed a powerful blow and fell into the ring. He tried to get up but the referee stopped the fight.

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