“My doctors waved his hand”, – Andrey Gubin spoke about the severe illness

«На меня врачи рукой махнули», - Андрей Губин рассказал о тяжелом недуге

Andrey Gubin, the Russian singer who gained the greatest popularity in the 90 years, confessed that doctors gave him disappointing issues concerning the state of his health. Such a confession he made on the television programme “Tonight”, informs Newsmir.info.

According to the musician, because of severe spasms of the muscles of the eyes and face, he tries not only not to give any concerts, but not to appear in public. “My doctors waved his hand. All the parameters I was supposed to die long ago, but Andrew doesn’t give up easily”, – said Andrey Gubin.

It turned out that once the idol of millions now living in the city of Ufa (Russian Federation). He has no job and lives on the money that he saved in moments of past glory. Gubin says that the money should hold him still for the next 10 years. “It was hard for the money, but I saved up a lot, because he worked like an elephant. Something burned, something was still about 10 years there. More something to bring,” explained the singer, adding that he still receives many invitations to various events and hopes that he will be able to overcome the disease.